Are you satisfied with your face?^^

Many young Japanese like Purikura. Do you know Purikura? Purikura can take a picture and make a sticker. But it is not just a picture. Purikura takes you more beautiful! And you can take a funny pose and decorate photos. Here is information about Purikura. If you come to Japan, you should go to Purikura and take a picture. 🙂


1. The place I went this time

2. How to use?

3.Actual pictures

■The place I went this time

Today I went to Takeshitadouri in Harajyuku with my friends to take a photo by Purikura. When I get off the stairs, there are many Purikura machines. At that time was the night so there are not many people. There is also when you are crowed in some places.

This time I took pictures by “suu” and “Tokimeki rule” which I introduced in the previous blog.  


“Tokimeki rule”

■How to use?

There are 4 steps to use it.

First, insert 4 coins and touch the display screen to start. Choose the course and design that you prefer. There are many kinds of cute design. Also, you can choose white or pink background if you take a picture by “Tokimeki rule”.

Second, move inside the shooting booth, face the camera and strike a pose. Also, you can check the picture you took on the middle screen.

Third, move to either the right or the left decorate booth and you can decorate it. There are many stamps and color pen. This time I used animals stamp. When you finish to decorate pictures, you would choose the seal layout that your prefer.

Fourth, move to the seal dispatch port. While you wait for the printing to be completed. In put your e-mail address, and if you want to send it to your cellphone, choose the photo you like best. After making the seal, cut with scissors.

■Actual pictures

This is a picture actually sent to the phone. “suu” had a sense of transparency overall. The stamp is also transparent and it is cute. “Tokimeki rule” clearly showed up. Eyes and hair were particularly glossy. Both of them had good merits. You can see the reason why the prkra is popular among girls.

Thank you for reading this to the end. When you come to Japan, please take a picture by Purikura machines and make fun memomories. ^^

See you~^^