The girl’s outfits you can see at campus

Most of the Japanese students must wear uniform while they were in junior high and high school. They’re not allowed to be fashionable in school. So when they get to college, they are free from the rules and being dressed up. Despite being freed from the rules, they tend to wear the same kind of outfit.

1.The popular outfits.

2.What is trend in japan?

3.Why it become common

1. The popular outfits

Lately outfit in college

  •  hooded sweatshirt and long skirt

It is casual and feminine style. Other combinations include t-shirts and skirts.

  •  big jacket and tight skirt

This outfit is often seen in the fall. Also big outer and tight pants are classic outfit.

  • shirt blouse tucked into wild pants

These fashion style is not bounded. It will change with time. And also it depends on the prevailing fashion.

2.What is trend in japan?

As I said, the outfits depends on the prevailing fashion. Now, lets take a look at what kind of fashion caught on in japan.

This is the page from fashion magazine “non・no”, aimed at teens and 20-somethings. You’ll notice the relevance if you look at some of the outfits in the magazine. They prefer dull and pale color rather than vivid color. And prefer the style doesn’t show off your legs.

3.Why it become common

Why they are wearing similar clothes? The reason is the changing environment when they get to college. In japan, Many students were restricted their wearing by school and only wore uniforms and jerseys. When they get to college and suddenly they’re in a situation where they have to wear different clothes every day, you don’t know what to wear. So they dress themselves up by referring to fashion magazines especially the one who coming to Tokyo from the countryside. And they feel safe when they see everyone else dress like same.

Of course, not all girls wear the same kind of outfit. Some people dress differently than everyone else. But isn’t that interesting to see they tend to wear similar?


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