Do you know ”newtro”?

Do you know K-POP? K-POP is music of Korean. K-pop is very popular mainly in Asia. Recently, it’s popular in America too. In 2020, there was popular style in k-pop, it’s ‘’newtro’’. This word is connected ‘new’ to ‘retro’. Popularity of Retro style come regularly. This year, music of retro style was many released. This blog, I introduce newtro song of my personal choice :-))


1. Japanese trend of 2020!! J.Y.Park – When We Disco
2. Greatest newtro song in 2020!! SEVENTEEN – HOME;RUN
3. No.1 younger song of newtro!! NCT U – 90’s Love
4. I have no reason, I just like song!! DONGKIZ I:KAN – Y.O.U
5. No.1 kpop song of 2020 that Japanese know most!! BTS – Dynamite
6. How was you newtro?

1. Japanese trend of 2020!! J.Y.Park – When We Disco

2020, “Nizi project” is one of the great responses this year. J.Y.Park, the producer who planned it, is also active as a singer. Besides, he is songwriter. So, he sometimes provides songs for artists. This year, he released this song with Sunmi.

Sunmi was belonged to his company. When you listen this song, I think you don’t think this song released in 2020. Even though I wasn’t born this era, I felt like nostalgic. Dance is a little lame, but it’s good on the contrary. Electronic sound is characteristic, and there aren’t sounds in recent music. So, you can feel the disco with electronic sound and feel nostalgia at the same time.

dancer JYP, actor JYP

Good job JYP.
After watching this, you will want to dance.

2. Greatest newtro song in 2020!! SEVENTEEN – HOME;RUN

I think this song is the best newtro song in 2020. Seventeen is good at dance by making the most of number of people.

I thought seventeen could express without losing group’s concept. This song’s base is jazz. I feel like I’m in stylish jazz bar from the first melody. I thought this song would proceed according to clap melody, but it changes rhythm and atmosphere right before climax.

It is good balance and stylish. As this song gets close to last climax, this song heats up and video makes brilliant. This video can make beautiful because modern skills. Not only music but also video is very good. I always feel like watching musical when I watch this.

Their strength is performance, so I want you to watch this video.↓

Performance of HOME;RUN is 5:00~
It likes musical, it’s very fun performance.

3. No.1 younger song of newtro NCT U – 90’s Love

It’s difficult to explain about NCT, anyway this song’s combination of member is first and last, so this song is precious. I think the word “younger” suits song well.

It consists of good hip-hop sound from the beginning, as you can see the title, it is inspired by young people in the 90’s. I think it is referencing R&B of 90’s, but I didn’t feel nostalgic because I think consist of sounds feel like modern style.

 I felt express of costumes is better than songs. To be honest, that’s not my favorite, but I wanted to introduce because I’m addicted to NCT 🙂
Then, NCT127 released album in March 2020. It has many newtro song! Please listen.
My favorite song of this album is “boom”.

4. I have no reason, I just like song!! DONGKIZ I:KAN – Y.O.U

This song was found when I was looking for newtro songs, and quickly became favorite. It’s difficult to explain why I like, I just like it 🙂 I don’t know why the number of views has not been increasing, that’s how much this song is good.

 I think this song’s melody can accepted by everyone. Genre of it is New jack swing, I think there is similar songs of jpop, but I forgot ;-o The work reached a high degree of perfection because this video is changed filter purposely, so we feel like 80’s.

I looked for NJS of jpop.

This song is original, it isn’t EXILE.

I think this song’s sound is deeper than ”Y.O.U”.

5. No.1 kpop song of 2020 that Japanese know most!! BTS-Dynamite 

The last is Dynamite, it’s kpop song of 2020 that I think Japanese know most.

I was certain that this song breaks their own record when I watched its teaser.


I thought this MV would be played 100 million in a day. This song’s genre is also disco, but it’s quite different from JYP’s song which I introduced at the beginning. Sounds is very light and modern style, I can’t wait to dance just by listening.

Then, there is another song I would recommend related to Dynamite. It is ”TXT – Blue Hour”. TXT belongs to same agency of BTS. They said to create a disco furor continuing from BTS. As they said, this song is very fresh disco song. I think this song is more modern than Dynamite. Personally, I can’t help dancing when I listen 4:00~ of the last heat up part.

너무 좋아아아아아아아아!!!!!!!!!(nomu-joaaa)(it’s very goooood!!!)

6. How was you newtro?

How was the newtro song? This time, I mainly introduced male singers, but in 2020, there are many songs released that inspired by retro. If you are interested, check the newtro song 🙂