Introducing my best friends “Pokky and Toppo”

Hello every one! Have you ever heard about cray fish? It is very famous in Japan. I think some of you used to keep them in the house when you were child. I have two cray fishes as pets in my house. So I would like to introduce about cray fish in this blog! After you read this blog, you will feel like to keep them in your house!

1. Let’s go out to get cray fish!

2. Introducing my two cray fishes

3. The foods they eat

4. The difference between Japanese cray and American cray

5. The things you should take care of

1.Let’s go out to get cray fish!

The place I visit to get cray fish is called “Mizubenosato” which is located near my house. It is the river surrounded with forest . I will introduce some places in Tokyo you can get cray fish!


It is located in Katushikaku (葛飾区) and many people visit there in summer. It is popular for the family with children.



This park is located in the Nerimaku(練馬区) . There are playground equipment in the park and you can enjoy in the park all day!


This park is located in Edogawaku(江戸川区) and the length of the park is about 4 kilometre.

You can gets cray fish by using insects net. You should dig from the bottom to catch them!

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You can also gets them by using chopsticks and yearn.

I have tried both ways. From my experience, the way of using insects net is the easiest way. You should also bring something like case to take them from the river to the house! Don’t forget to bring these items!

Case to bring them to the house

2. Introducing my two cray fishes

I have two Japanese cray fishes in my house. They are called Pokky and Toppo. Pokky is very cheerful and smart. Toppo has lost scissors. I keep them in a Aquarium. I feed them two or three times a day and I change the water every two or three days.

Pokky(He is very cheerful and smart!)
Toppo(He is shy and has lost scissors!)

3. The food they eat

Cray fishes is said that they eat every things such as dried sardines and lettuce. However, you should feed them the food which contains both botanical and animal nature. They also need calcium for their growth. Food which contain good bacteria is convenient to keep the smell of the water clean.

This is very useful food to keep the water clean

4. The difference between Japanese cray fish and American cray fish

The color of the Japanese cray fish is dark brown. The size is about 5 centimetre. They don’t have thorn in their body.

Japanese cray fish

The color of American cray fish is red and the size is about 12 centimetre.

American cray fish

5. The things you should take care of

First, you should prevent the cannibalism when you keep more than two cray fishes in a aquarium by feeding enough food and making hideout. Filter is also important for their health. You should also care for escaping of them. My cray fish have also escaped from their aquarium.

You should prevent for the escaping of them