Do You Need Any More Music? Introduction Of The CD Album “NO MORE MUSIC”

 There is a four-person group called “OKAMOTO’S” in a Japanese Rock Band. The album “NO MORE MUSIC” they released in 2017 contains a lot of songs that I want you to listen to the most. Here, I would like to explain how the album was made and the characteristics of the music.


1. About OKAMOTO’S

2. Songs on「NO MORE MUSIC」

3. Production Background

4. Recommended Points

5. Summary



Members(Part, Join, Position in the photo)

  • Sho Okamoto(Vocal, 2006-, Second from right)
  • Koki Okamoto(Guitar, 2006-, Right)
  • Hama・Okamoto(Bass, 2009-, Left)
  • Reiji Okamoto(Drums, 2006-, Second from left)

In 2006, It was formed by four classmates from junior high school. All of them like artist Taro Okamoto, all of whom take the Okamoto family name. In 2010, when they are 19, they made their major debut. In June 2019, they performed at Nippon Budokan for the first time. In April 2020, they released their best albums to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their major debut.

2.Songs on「NO MORE MUSIC」

According to the members, they are conscious of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It is the most favorite masterpiece of the fan. In live performances, it is often played at the end of the encore.

「90’S TOKYO BOYS」(2017)


③BROTHER         ↓MV
The refrain is unique. It is a classic song in the live.


It is a quiet lap tone.

⑤Cold Summer
Reiji says that hip hop and Rock mixing since the 2000s have become a new sound that is not loud Rock.

⑥NO MORE MUSIC          ↓MV
English lyrics and the center of the album’s concept. Sho says he is aware of ABBA.


Koki is in charge of the main vocal. It has become a pop finish.


According to Sho, it was originally an acoustic piece like an atmospheric European indie band, but Koki suggested a stadium Rock-like arrangement in the second half.

⑩Star Light
Sho said, “I think the outro of this song is the coolest of OKAMOTO’S.”

3.Production Background

The concept of this album
First, I will explain the concept of the album. The title song “NO MORE MUSIC” was made by Shaw. He said, “ I’m writing so many songs, but I didn’t know if I really needed them. Everyone is walking with earphones, but what do you like after all? It is a song that I wrote while thinking so.” Reiji, who listened to this, said, “There are so many new scores that I can’t catch up with anymore. So I thought that musicians all over the world would stop releasing new works because only one or six months would be fine.”
The theme of their album is funky and adult feeling. They are also conscious of the Red Hot Chili Peppers album “Californication.”.
They have been based on a stout sound based on Rock ‘n’ Roll in the 60’s and 70’s. However, this album changed completely from such a sound, and it finished with an adult-like sound. Because they made their debut at the age of 19, but they were already 26 years old at the time of production and were quite adults. As a reference, the difference is understood well when compared because their music of the past is attached below.

「The Blue Heaven」(2012)

Recording Documentary
At the time of making the demo, they imagined the characteristics of the song and made it clear what kind of sound they wanted to make.
For the recording, they flew to New York for the first time as a band. At first, everyone was excited and prepared to see what kind of finish it would be. However, it was far from the sound they wanted to record, and no matter how much they communicated their requests to the local engineers, they couldn’t communicate well, and all the members were troubled. The staff said, “It’s a great overseas recording, and I was told to try a little harder, but the members decided to stop recording immediately, saying, “I can’t compromise for that reason.” In the end, the album was produced back in Tokyo, but the first overseas recording was the biggest failure in the band’s history. Nevertheless, the production of the album itself was a great success. It was because they were a Rock band born in Tokyo, and it was a testament to what they wanted to do.

4.My Recommended Points

From here, I’ll show you the charm of this album that I think about and the lyrics I want you to listen to.
As they say, overall, it is an adult-like production and lyrics. It’s not just that they’ve inherited the tradition of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but they’re making their work as they are.
Well, there will be a lot of people who do not come to the pin even if it talks mainly about Rock ‘n’ Roll. However, when we listen to it, it has become a relatively pop finish. Therefore, it is a sound that is easy to hear anyone who likes music. Still, I want you to enjoy it by all means because the rock sound comes out in some places.
I’m going to extract some of the lyrics I like about the songs in the album.


I’ve been a glass of wine since morning.
You and Kiss, I got drunk.
Taste Dance in the Morning in the Morning
Sweet Sweet Dreams Without Waking Up

>It is set in the vicinity of Shinjuku at night when the atmosphere of an adult stands out.


Anybody tell me don’t make music?
I don’t wanna kill my good music (Everybody tell la la lies)
Anyway I’m keep making music
Even if they really don’t need music (Everybody tell la la lies)
Somebody’s making new music
Somebody’s digging old music (Everybody tell la la lies)
Anybody tell me all good music
Anybody show me all good music(Everybody tell la la lies)
Everybody’s listening to in the train, streets, cars, in school, and…
Everybody’s listening to well tell me tell me tell me!

>It is a content that crosses the feelings of the person who makes the song with the feelings of the person who listens, and agrees with both.


How was it? I think this album, in which a band that loves old rock ‘n’ rolls expresses how they face modern popular music with life-size people, is truly a masterpiece. I’m going to take this album to my grave. If you’re thinking of getting to know more new music, why don’t you listen to this album and review your music life? I’m sure you’ll understand the music that’s really important to you.
Thank you for reading to the end!


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