Fun of baseball

I think Japanese like playing and watching sports. Especially, I feel so excited to watch and baseball. Actually, baseball is one of the most popular sports in Japan.

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  1. Birth and history in Japan
  2. Popularity in Japan
  3. Comparison with the world
  4. My favorite player in Japan


Horace Wilson who visited Japan in 1871 taught “Bat ball playing” to Tokyo university’s students. Later, “Bat ball playing” was baseball.

Hiroshi Hiraoka who was businessman established “Shimbashi Athletic Club” that was the first authentic baseball team in 1878.

In 1882, this team played the first game with Komaba agricultural school.

In 1936, Japan Baseball Federation which was the first pro baseball league  was established.

Popularity in Japan

On average, pro baseball stadiums get about 30,610 people every games

 Giants gets the most people in Japan. The number of spectators has been increasing year by year since 2012.

Comparison with the world

Baseball is famous and popular sports in the world. Especially, image of baseball is America. The famous sports in America are ice hockey, basketball, American football and baseball. MLB that is American baseball league is the second popular sports in America. But the number of spectators has been decreasing year by year.

My favorite player in Japan

I like watching baseball on TV and in stadium. I like Pacific League’s game, so I tell you my three favorite players.

    First, Yuki Yanagita belong to Hawks. He is outfielder, and His charms are doing “Full Swing” and have all three things that are meeting, power and quickness. His playstyle is so beautiful and we are so excited.

Yuki Yanagita

                                                                                                                 Next player is Takahiro Norimoto. He is pitcher and belongs to Eagles. His charms are speed of ball and stamina. I like his throw a lot. He has a high ability to get strikeout. He is one of the most represent pitcher in Japan.

Takahiro Norimoto

Finally, Sousuke Genda belong to Lions. He is infielder, and his charms are quickness and defense skill called craftsman. He has been awarding “Golden Globe” that the player reminded good defense skill for a year from 2018. I think his defense is the best in Japan.

Sousuke Genda

I want everyone to like baseball because baseball’s talk is so exciting. I want to watch baseball in stadium or on TV.

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