Do you know the archery competition? It’s not a major competition, but many people are involved in it. This time I want you to know about archery.

What is Archery?#a1



Good points of archery#a4

What is Archery? #a1

First, I would like to introduce what kind of competition archery is
It’s very simple to do. Use a bow to shoot an arrow and compete for the score at the place you hit.

There is “Kyudo” in a similar competition in Japan. However, the content is a little different from archery.

Archery was a competition for points, whereas “Kyudo” competes with each other depending on whether they hit each other or not.

Archery shoots arrows at various distances.

Hit a length of 30m to 70m and aim at the size of a CD.


Second, I introduce history.

The origin of archery is Europe. It is said that the Mediterranean coast originated. After it was established in England as a competitive sport, it was the United States that developed it as a sport in terms of bows and techniques. Today, it is enjoyed in Europe, America, Asian countries, and many other countries.


Next, I introduce cost.

The problem of money when starting archery is costs between 200,000 yen and 300,000 yen to prepare proper tools.

However, if you go to a dedicated facility, you can rent it for free


Good points of archery#a4

Lastly, I introduce good points of archery.

I introduce two good points in this time.

First, The core is trained.

Archery requires a strong core, instead of requiring special strength. The trunk is the body part excluding the head and limbs. As you continue archery, your core will naturally grow.

Second, Concentration is acquired.

Concentration is important in individual competitions. Especially for archery, a 1 mm deviation at hand will cause a deviation of several tens of centimeters, so strong concentration is required.

That’s all for the introduction of archery.

If you are interested in archery, please give it a try!