This is Sea of Japan!

There are many beautiful oceans overseas.  Typical beautiful oceans include Hawaii, Maldives and Bali.  But this time I would like to introduce the recommended seas of Okinawa.  Introducing things, you can only taste in the sea of ​​Okinawa, Okinawa cuisine, and goodness of Okinawa.

1. What is Okinawa?

2. What is the sea like in Okinawa?

3. What kind of islands are there in Okinawa?

4. Recommended dishes you want to eat if you go to Okinawa!

5. Kindness of Okinawa people.

1. What is Okinawa?

Do you know Okinawa?  It is one of the East China Sea islands.

Okinawa is very popular among domestic travel destinations and ranked in the top.  I also visited twice on my school trip and in private.  Okinawa is one of my recommended sightseeing spots. The picture below is the one I took when I went there.

▲With your local friends during summer vacation!

2. What is the sea like in Okinawa?

Introducing the sea of ​​Okinawa!  The sea of ​​Okinawa is highly transparent because there are few plankton floating on the sea.

▲Crystal clear sea!!

And the sea where coral reefs are well developed.  And it is characterized by the warm sea.

▲Coral reef and fish

3.What kind of islands are there in Okinawa?

There are many remote islands in Okinawa. This time, I would like to introduce 3 islands out of the many.

  • First of all, Ishigaki Island.  You can see not only the beautiful beaches of Ishigaki Island, but also the limestone caves.  Ishigaki Island Limestone Cave is 3.2km long and very large.
▲ Ishigaki Island Limestone Cave

▲Ishigaki Island Sunset Beach

  • The second is Minnajima islands .  Minnajima islands is also called “croissant island” because it resembles a croissant.  It is a popular tourist destination that attracts 60,000 tourists every year.
▲It looks just like a croissant!▼

  • The third is Iriomote Island.  Iriomote Island is a very precious place with a national designated natural monument.  It is also certified as a “Starry Sky Reserve” and you can enjoy the world’s highest level starry sky viewing!
▲The beautiful starry sky is superb!

4. Recommended dishes you want to eat if you go to Okinawa!

I would like to recommend everyone the delicious dishes that are famous in Okinawa!

▲This is taco rice.  I ate it for the first time on my school trip.  Juicy meat, crispy cabbage, and fresh tomatoes will enchant you!
▲This is Okinawa soba.  It is an interesting dish that this food has its characteristics depending on the area of ​​Okinawa!
▲This is Goya Champloo.  It is a dish using bitter gourd.  Many people dislike it because it is bitter, but it is a nutritious dish!
▲This is sea grapes(alias, green caviar).  It has a Petit Petit texture and slightly salty taste!

5. Kindness of Okinawa people.

I visited Okinawa twice and felt the richness of Okinawan people both times.  All Okinawan people are friendly and nice people.

▲This photo was taken with the staff at the Kuroshio no Ozeki, an izakaya near Miebashi Station.  Everyone was very kind and the dishes were delicious.  Please go eat!

URL of “Kuroshio no Ozeki” :

And I took pictures with not only the locals but also foreigners who came to Okinawa!

▲I made an Italian friend!!

Okinawa is a very nice place.  The sea is beautiful, the food is delicious, and there are only gentle people.  And even the people who visit Okinawa are all kind.  If you are worried about your travel destination, please come to Okinawa!
You can make the best memories!!

Thank you for reading.


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