The charm of Urawa Reds

Kawasaki Frontale won the J-League last year. Meanwhile, Urawa Reds did not give good results. However, this year is likely to be a good season with good reinforcements. I would like to introduce you to support such Urawa Reds. 


  1. History of Urawa Reds
  2. Great supporters
  3. My favorite player
  4. To the end

1.History of Urawa Reds


One of the 10 teams that joined the J-League in 1991. The home town is Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. The home stadium is Saitama Stadium 2002. One of the clubs that has won all three major domestic titles (J1 League, J League Cup, Emperor’s Cup). He won the J1 League in 2006 and the ACL (Asia Champions League) in 2007. In terms of spectator mobilization and operating revenue, it has maintained the highest performance among J-League member clubs for many years.

2.Great supporters

Urawa Reds supporters are very hot and enthusiastic as much as the supporters of overseas soccer teams. An average of 40,000 supporters gather at the stadium each time. And the quality of the Coleo created by the supporters is very high, and it is the highest quality in the world. Occasionally, he is too enthusiastic to cause problems, but he is a proud supporter of Urawa Reds.


3.My favorite player

Urawa Reds have a lot of great players. Among them, my favorite player is Shinzo Kobuki. Koroki moved to Urawa Reds in 2013. He is still active as the ace of Urawa Reds. He has scored double digits for the ninth consecutive year since 2012, and is the first J-League player to achieve this. In 2017, he scored 20 goals for his career high. He has been rooting for him since he was in sixth grade and he imitated his play when playing soccer. We will continue to support Shinzo Koroki.


4.To the end

This time, I have introduced various things about Urawa Reds, and I think that I was able to convey the charm of Urawa Reds. I hope you will take this opportunity to become interested in Urawa Reds and the J-League.