Karaoke shop in North-Kichijoji for “HITOKARA”.

Do you know Japanese becoming epidemic culture “HITOKARA”? It means “One-man Karaoke”. Enjoy singing, eating meals, drinking without worrying about around…You’d be able to spend such time with “HITOKARA”!!

In this page, I’ll recommend you about good Karaoke shop for “HITOKARA” by Japanese college student writer’s angle.


1. The evaluation standard

2. “Utahiroba” the Kichijoji-Sunroad branch

3. “Karaokekan” the Kichijoji north-entrance barnch


The evaluation standard

I’ll review with the evaluation standard, “Price (Day time price. I’ll write the price per 30 minutes.)”, “Cleanness”, “Food and Drink (without alcohol)” with the score and “Unique Points”!

“Utahiroba” the Kichijoji-Sunroad brunch

Address: 1 Chome-8-10-4F Kichijoji-honmachi, Musashino, Tokyo

Tel: 0422-21-3693

Web URL: http://www.utahiro.com/Default.aspx?TabId=64&pdid=0051



145/30min (Weekday) \165/30min (Weekend)

All plans have “Free refills soda fountain”.

Cleanness:☆☆☆★★ Cleanness is soso.

Food and Drink:☆☆☆☆★

The French-fry is delicious but mini parfait isn’t so delicious…

Unique Points:

A soft ice cream is all-you-can-eat.

If you do member registration and participate in “DAM Ranking Battle”(*1), you can have a coupon for the food which can be used from next time by a fixed score; 250, 525 etc…

(*1) “DAM Ranking Battle” is a mark content which offered by DAM. If you want to do member registration, please access this URL and filled in. https://www.clubdam.com/app/damtomo/member/regist/RegistMember.do



“Karaokekan” the Kichijoji north-entrance brunch

Address: 1 Chome-8-22-B1F Kichijoji-honmachi, Musashino, Tokyo

Tel: 0422-23-0522

Web URL: http://karaokekan.jp/shop/tokyo_area0/03240001.html



133/30min (Weekday) \266/30min (Weekend) All plan need to order a glass of drink.

Cleanness:☆☆☆☆★ Almost cleanness shop.

Food and Drink:☆☆☆☆★

You can drink Non-alcohol cocktail etc…

Unique Points:

If you do member registration, the price will be discounted.

You can enter “One-man Karaoke Room” without extra charge.

The room looks like a studio where is for pro singer. You can sing here with condenser microphone and headphone. If you want to have a taste that “I’m a pro singer!” or if you want to have a taste that different from the usual, you should try it!

*Reference Page*

・ http://www.utahiro.com/Default.aspx?TabId=64&pdid=0051

  • http://utahiro.r-battle.com
  • http://karaokekan.jp/shop/tokyo_area0/03240001.html
  • http://karaokekan.jp/room/hitokara.html