How to spend Akikoma at Seikei University

How do you spend Akikoma?  In Japanese university, we have Akikoma.  It is long time, so you want to make it beneficial, don’t you?  We will tell you many choices which make your Akikoma significant!!


  1. What is Akikoma?
  2. Doing homework, assignment
  3. Talking with friends
  4. Eating Lunch
  5. Taking physical action
  6. Going out to Kichijoji
  7. Summary

What is Akikoma?

 Akikoma is the time which you don’t register the class.  “Aki” means “spare”, and “koma” means “unit time”. Each class of Seikei University has 90 minutes, so if you don’t take the class, you can use 90 minutes freely.  If you don’t have any idea, you will waste your time. Therefore, it is important to think what you do in your Akikoma.

Doing homework, assignment

 In your university life, you may want to do many things, but studying is also important.  To do various thins, you need to do your assignment efficiently. We will introduce some places, so you will be able to find the suitable one.

・Crystal Carrels

    This place is in the information library.  It’s personal space, so you can concentrate on your homework in a quiet space.  Some crystal carrels have a PC, and you can choose whether the room having a PC or not.  However, many students want to use the room with PC more. It tends to be full during the third period and forth period.  Also, as the examination approaches, more students use here. Therefore, please be careful during such a time.

・Comichi (cafe)

    This place is in the first basement of building No.6. It is blight and wide here.  You can do homework with your friends, so you can do it with talking with them. Also, you can drink and eat something here.  For example, you can do your assignment with a coffee, breads, sweets, and so on. However, the Wi-fi is not connected at this place, so we don’t recommend here to use your PC.

・PC room

    There are PC room in buildings No.3 and 7.  When it is crowded in the information library and you cannot use PC, you should go here.  However, it is a little bit noisier here than in the library. So, if you want to do your homework in the quiet place, you should not go PC room.  On the other hand, if you want to use PC with talking with your friends, PC room is better.

Talking with friends


If you want to talk in great number or in loud voice, we recommend Tracon. During this summer vacation, it was wholly redesigned. As we told you, Family Mart is adjacent, you can talk with eating snacks. Then you can do Otokogi-Janken with friends. It is a fashionable game which decide a person who pay a bill by rock-scissors-paper. We often see these situations. Let’s try your luck! Because there is buzz-buzz at all, we cannot recommend if you want to talk with friends low.

・Some tables

There are some table in Seikei campus. We advise two spots. First, these are on the third floor in Building No.8.  Second, these are next to the student affairs office in main building.

The photo below was taken in No.8 Building. If you need to talk quietly with friends. You can spend time in silence.

Eating Lunch


If you want to eat lunch in great number, we recommend Trascon Garden. So there is an adjacent convenience store, you can buy something whenever you want. In lunch time, convenience store is packed with the college student who seek and buy lunch. If you have enough time, we recommend stagger lunch hours or timing of buying to avoid a jam-up. You can eat which you bring home or buy another place.

・Comichi (cafe in the first basement at Building No.6.)

If you want to eat lunch in small number or alone, we recommend Comichi which is a café on the first basement level at Building No.6. There is a quiet and relaxing space. You can buy freshly baked bread, lunch box, drink, some sweets and so on. Near the window get strong wi-fi signal. In winter, you can drink marshmallow cocoa.

This is a sign of Comichi. You can buy almost bread for 110 yen on the 12th of each month.

・School cafeteria

If you do not decide what to eat for lunch, we recommend going to school cafetarial. So there are many kind of dishes, you can find your fancy. We show you some menu. On the first floor, you can eat carry and rice, ramen, udon and so on. The most popular is Yurinchi which a Chinese dish which is prepared by pouring vinegar sauce, soy sauce and plenty of chopped onions. On the second floor, you can eat rice omelet, curry and rice, pasta and so on. On the third floor, we recommend Karaage Don. This is a substantialicious. Please go to your favorite floor.

You can see some menu at school cafeteria, Comichi, Kitchen car and Lunch box.

・Grass in front of main building

If it is sunny, we recommend grass in front of main building. You can enjoy picnic between classes. You can take Instagram worthy photos.


If you want to eat lunch box other than convenience-store lunch box which is commonly called “convini-meshi”, some lunch car come in campus during lunch time. In front of Tracon or between Building No.3 and No.8, you can buy some lunch boxes.

If you need to eat some meat, we recommend Mama’s which is side of seikei University. Especially Fried chicken lunch box is substantialicious, it is good for college boy.

If you want to eat ramen, we recommend Seikei mae ramen. Now, it is closed for business, someday will get back. In lunch time, many people wait in a queue.

Taking physical actions

University students not have much time for exercise, do not you? Then let go gymnastics!!! If PE classes do not have or use gymnastics, Seikei University students can use there for free. You can do badminton, basketball, volleyball, tennis and so on. You need to engage, please ask desk of gymnastics. Taking physical action with friends, let be muscle ache!!! After workout, you need to have a break with ice cream.

Please check this site. You can get some information.

Going out to Kichijoji

 Seikei University is located by Kichijoji station.  Kichijoji is a fashionable and interesting city, so there are a lot of nice shops and restaurants, and you can kill a time with fun.  We want to recommend some places.

・having bubble tea

 These days, bubble tea is popular among young women.  You can enjoy bubble tea because there are many bubble tea stands in Kichijoji.

Recently, “Bull Pulu” was newly opened.  It is located by the station. At this shop. milk tea with brown sugar is the popular menu.

“Gong Cha” is also popular bubble tea stand.  It makes a line in front of the shop almost all the time.

・having sweets

 Not only bubble tea, but you can have many kinds of sweets.  For instance, you can enjoy tasty and “kawaii” pancakes. In addition, there are a lot of cafes and each cafes has an each styles.  “Starbucks” and “Doutor Coffee” are standard cafe. You can also enjoy sweets from Japan, Taiwang, and Hawaii.


 There are various kinds of shops in Kichijoji such as clothes, accessories, books, and so on.  You can buy whatever you want or need, or even if you don’t have anything you want, you can enjoy window shopping.


How was it? We hope you can get some information from this article. College life seems like long but short. Please enjoy and spend your school life effectively!!