Have you ever heard about REAL ESCAPE GAME?

In various mystery fictions, protagonists are blocked up and search mysteries…

In REAL ESCAPE GAME, you can be a protagonist in real situation.!



2.What types do you like?




So that I mentioned preceding, In REAL ESCAPE GAME,you can be protagonist in real situation, so you can find and enjoy these activities with your friends or family. When you can’t solve difficult puzzle. You can consider with other people!


2. What types do you like?

There are many types of escape game, so let’s see examples and find what you want to play.

  • Field type

This type does’nt have time limit.and you don’t have to bloked up some place.

The only things you need is your tough mind.

It starts specific place whenever you want to start.Of course you don’t have to manage this game all time. You can enjoy to solve puzzles at your own pace and walking around prescribed area.

But be careful.No time limit means you may spend long time to solve.you should play with time to spare.


  • Stadium type

This type is held some big stadium such as baseball stadium. you can enjoy game where you usually can’t enter.

It has special fearture so that you can enjoy with a lot of people.if you can’t solve puzzle, you may ask other people or your companion.

But this type is held low frequency. You should check schedule


  • Hall type

An Escape Game for a mid-range size group of people. This type held very often so you can find what you want to play easily. This is most casual type so people who never play Real escape game can enjoy easily.

  • Room type

Most people imagine this type of real escape game. You will search this room’s mystery and inspect items.

Usually, this is held some apartment space designed puzzle room.so it capped about 10 people to each game.

This type also has an attraction that there is a lot of situation. For example, escape from jail, solve murder mystery in locked room, based on several fictions… I sure that you can enjoy