Only 5 techniques you can win the prize in crane game!

The crane game becomes so popular in Japan. The wide variety of prize are appearing. For example, the vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, radio control… but as the quality of prize is so high, to catch prize at crane game become difficult…


The claw crane become difficult recently!

The tips you should know minimum!!

1 Slide

2 Balance catch

3 Push and Push

4 Aim at opening

5 Hang a tag


The claw crane become difficult recently!

Are you enjoying crane games?
The difficulty level of recent crane games is getting higher. the reason is that the quality of the prize is rising. The arm power of crane goes down, the setting becomes difficult to get prize…

So, I will introduce 5 skills to use in crane game! the skill is the knowledge that you should be kept “minimum” on crane game. Let’s take advantage of this skills and get prizes you want!!

The tips you should know minimum!!

Crane game is literally game to move crane and win the prize. therefor, we need to know more about the crane.

The above picture is taken of a crane at the closed. it is often thought that the role of crane is only “grasping”, but it is possible to change the movement of prize such as hooking prize with prize or stabbing arm…

To use the skills, you should know the width of arm open. the theory is that the crane opens to the basically bent portion. therefore, if you move the crane with the bent portion as a landmark, you can make more accurate operation.

I explained about the opening width of the crane game as above. the opening width slightly changes depending on the setting of the crane game. So, you check on opening width and lowering limit… In the first play and make it to the second play.

Some skills that I will introduce need some practice. but once you grab a knack, you can use it in practical!


Difficulty ★☆☆☆☆

“Slide” is the way to move one side arm near the outside of prize and move the prize. the skill is most famous at crane game. even if the power of crane game is weak, you can easily move the prize. the key to success the skill is to know “width of arm open”. as mention a short time ago, the arm open to the bent part of crane. so, it is good to operate while matching the width and the position of prize.

First, you move align the bent part of crane with the outside of prize. If you don’t want to fall, you had better to move the crane little outside.

The movement of prize change depending on the location of crane (vertical move). if you catch the middle, it will move parallel, and if you catch the top or bottom of prize, it will move rotate. it is good to change the location of crane to catch by setting.

If you practice this skill, you can operate crane well. the skill is the basic of skills of crane game and it helps another skill. so, you had better to master it!!

Balance catch

Difficulty ★★☆☆☆

“Balance catch” is a way to win the prize by lift prizes. recently, there are not many crane games that can use this skill. But it will be useful to remember the skill. the key to success the skill is to know “angle of arm’s nail”. if the angle of the nail is close to 90 degrees. the skill determines whether it can be used depending on the angle of the arm’s nail and the power of the arm.

First, you raise the center part of the prize after checking the angle of the nail. At this time, when the crane moves one side arm near the outside of prize, it is difficult to lift. So, you are necessary to lift it at the center.

And if you fail this skill, you try using “slide”.


Difficulty ★★★☆☆

“Push and push” is a way to drop the prize by push prize. you use it when the power of arm is weak or the prize approaches the goal. there are many times to miss prizes in order not to know this skill.

You had better practice the skill because the difficulty of it is so high. the key to success the skill is to know ” width of arm open”. you may think it is same key of “slide”. certainly, the key is same. but to success the skill is more difficult than “slide”. so, the accurately arm operation is required.
When you play “slide”, you only pay attention to sideways movement. But “Push&Push” is necessary vertical movement in addition to sideways movement.

And it is important to know lowering limit. there may be the case which a clerk of game center warns “push&push” and set the down limits of crane. in this case, it is difficult to push the prize. So you check the lowering limit the first play!

First, you operate crane and set curved point of arm to the position where you want to push.

Sidewalk movement can be seen from the side of crane game machine. But I recommend you see it from the front of crane game machine because it is Important to remember the feeling of three-dimensional effect.

Aim at opening

Difficulty ★★★★☆

“Aim at opening” Is a way to stab the arm in the gap of the prize. there are many cases such as around the box or side of stuffed toy… Hopefully you can take it with a single play. So, I recommend you to positively to target it. Also, this skill requires accurately crane operation just like “push and push”. And it is so good to check whether the nail of the crane will stab the gap.

Actually, “aim at opening” is not well known, even though there are a lot of prizes which have gaps. The key to success the skill is to know “switching the viewpoint”.

First, you move the arm that the curved part of arms fit the gaps of prize. stuffed toy is slippery. So small mistake is okay. But the box isn’t slip. so accurate crane movement is so important.

Hang a tag

Difficulty ★★★★★

“Hang a tag” Is a way to hook the arm to the tag attached to the prize. many stuffed toys have plastic rings. Hopefully, if you hook the tag stuffed toy had, you can get stuffed toy in one play! But if it is big plastic ring, it is fall when the crane lift up. The key to success the skill is ” width of arm open”.
In terms of difficulty, hang a tag Is the most difficult of the other tricks. So, you practice slide at first!!

First, you make sure the tag is level with the floor. When it is diagonally, it is very hard to enter the tag. so, you carefully look at the tag. also, when the crane goes down, it may twist a bit. so, I recommend you remember crane movement.

You set the curved point of arm to the position of the tag. Vertical movement is more difficult than sidewalk movement. It is important to practice!


Do you understand the skill which use crane game? finally checking, the important point of the crane game is…

“width of crane open”
“switching the viewpoint”
“angle of arm’s nail”
“lowering limit”

If you can use the 5 skills, you are a fine crane game master!!!