Top 5 cafes in Kichijoji that I recommend

Kichijoji in Tokyo is probably the city that everyone knows. In Kichijoji, there are many wonderful cafes. I would like to introduce one of them with the reason why I chose it among them. If you visit Kichijoji, I highly recommend you to go there. By reading this article, you will learn about the unique charms of Kichijoji’s cafes.

1. No.5 Yume Taj Mahal

2. No.4 Hattifnatt in Kichijoj

3. No.3 Karel capek in Kichijoji

4. No.2 Café du liever うさぎ館

5. No.1 Shippo

1.No.5 Yume Taj Mahal

It is located at the south exit of Kichijoji Station, near Inokashira Park. The voluminous cheese naan and oversized naan are very tasty. They also have a variety of curries such as butter chicken curry and vegetable curry, and there are several levels of spiciness to choose from. I think the best deal is the “Ladies’ Set,” which can be ordered by both men and women. You can choose two kinds of curry and either cheese naan or large naan. It is a very reasonable set that includes tandoori chicken, turmeric rice, salad, and a drink for less than 1200 yen. If you want to eat your fill, I highly recommend it.

2.No.2 Hattifnatt in Kichijoji

You can find the cafe by exiting the north exit of Kichijoji Station and walking along the railroad tracks. First of all, the exterior attracts your attention. Once you open the small door that looks like a dwarf lives there and enter, you will see the cute wooden interior. The waitress will guide you through the cafe and you will arrive at the place where you will eat. There is also a hammock on the second floor. Every part of the cafe is cute, from the plates and spoons to the cups. There is a wide variety of food on the menu. This makes it a very easy place to go with people who have different tastes. In addition to the food menu, there is a wide variety of desserts and drinks, and each menu is filled with cuteness. The prices are a little on the high side, but I highly recommend that all girls go there.

3.No.3 Karel capek in Kichijoji

This is the main store of Karel Čapek, which is not well known in Kichijoji and only known by those in the know. There are several tea stores in Tokyo, but the Kichijoji store is the main store. The difference between the Kichijoji store and the other stores is that they have a cafe inside the store. You can have tea and ice cream that you can’t have at other stores. The store is also very cute, and sells teas that can be given as gifts. If you like tea, this is a must-visit when you are in Kichijoji.

4.No.2 Café du liever うさぎ館

Walking through Inokashira Park, located at the south exit of Kichijoji Station, it takes about 12 minutes to walk from Kichijoji Station. This café is quietly nestled in the wilderness of Inokashira Park, and has a very stylish white exterior. Since it is うさぎ館, the walls inside the cafe are painted with rabbits, and there are baskets with rabbit figurines outside, making it very cute. In this cafe, you can eat the excellent cheese dry curry from Kichijoji “Montana”. There is an egg hidden under the pure white cheese, and underneath is a dry curry filled with minced meat. Crack open the egg and toss it with the cheese and minced meat, and it is extremely delicious. If you visit Inokashira Park, be sure to pay a visit.

1.No.1 Shippo

This cafe takes about 10 minutes from Kichijoji station. You will see a small signboard after a short walk through Sun Road at Kichijoji Station. Because of its inconspicuous location, this store is also a reasonably priced and delicious café known only to those in the know. What is unusual about this store is that it sells furniture and unique goods, and also accepts furniture repair services. The store has a very comfortable atmosphere with wooden chairs and tables. The café is surrounded by unique furniture, which you can freely look at while waiting for your seat to be filled, or before you leave after eating. The menu mainly consists of Japanese set meals, and the daily set meal, which changes daily, is especially delicious. You can also choose between white rice, brown rice, or millet rice, making it a very healthy meal. They also have a wide variety of sweets, and I especially recommend the rare cheese cake. I recommend it because it has a simple but light taste, and it looks pretty and photogenic. You can also order parfaits and pound cakes. Cookies, scones, and other baked goods are also sold in the store, so if you go to this store to eat, be sure to buy some as souvenirs. If you come to Kichijoji, I hope you will visit Shippo the most. They also offer takeout lunch boxes now, so readers who are worried about eating and drinking inside the restaurant can take out.


All photos taken by me.