Popular places in “Fukuoka”

Fukuoka is one of the Japanese prefectures. I recommend you good places to visit. I wrote References. If you want to know deeper, please check from the links.

Where is Fukuoka?

1.Mojiko Retro

2.Kawachi Wisteria Garden




Where is Fukuoka?

Fukuoka is a prefecture in Kyushu area. In kanji, we write 福岡. As of 2020, the population is about 5.11 million, ranking 9th among all prefectures in Japan.

There are many famous and popular spots and it is close to Asia, so a lot of foreigners visit Fukuoka. Especially, Chinese and Korean people is increasing. Fukuoka is located just halfway between Tokyo and Shanghai. You can take a day trip from Seoul or Taiwan, and you can also fly from Hong Kong or Beijing for a few hours.

1. Mojiko Retro

120 years ago, Moji Harbor was opened. Still now we can see a lot of tasteful buildings. Reborn as “Mojiko Retro” in 1995, it is now a tourist destination visited by more than 2 million people annually.

Now we can enjoy shopping and good foods. Especially I recommend you “Grilled Curry”. This is the most famous food and we can see many restaurants and each restaurant has original Grilled Curry. If you like curry, you must eat it!

2.Kawachi wisteria garden

This is a garden, especially wisteria. It has attracted attention such as being selected as one of the “31 Most Beautiful Places in Japan” by CNN in the United States, and is a tourist destination visited by many tourists from Japan and abroad.

If you want to see beautiful wisteria, you must go from 8:00 to 18:00 in Late April-early May, or this garden is closed. Also, you must pay 1,500 yen per an adult (18 years old and over), but Free for up to 2 high school students or younger per adult.

Not only wisteria but also Autumn leaves is famous. You can see this from 9:00 to 17:00 in Mid-November to early December. You must pay 500 yen per an adult and fee for up to 2 high school students or younger per adult (18 years old or older).

3. Dazaifu

Dazaifu is a shrine. This is for studying and about 10 million people visit each year. Especially many students visit and it is also news that they visit on New Year’s Day.

Also, we can enjoy shopping and traditional foods “Umegaemochi”. It is a sweet with red bean paste in the mochi. Also, strawberry is famous in Fukuoka, so a sweet used strawberry is popular.

Also, on the road approaching the shrine, we can find unique looks Starbucks. This was built by famous Japanese architect.

Moreover, Kyushu national museum is near here. In this, not only some Japanese traditional exhibitions but also world-famous paintings exhibitions are held. It is good opportunity to get some deep knowledge.




How was this? Have you become interested in Fukuoka?

Fukuoka has both city and countryside. If you want to enjoy shopping, you should go to Hakata and Tenjin. If you want to enjoy nature and traditional culture, you should go to Yanagawa and Kurume. Also we have some delicious foods, for example “Motsu Nabe”.

In short, Fukuoka is one of the best places to visit. As I told you, many foreigners visited Fukuoka, so we have pamphlet in English.

Please enjoy Fukuoka!!


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