Seikei Univ. History


Don’t you think it’s strange that you don’t know anything about Seikei University even though you are a student or teacher there? In this article, I summarized the history of Seikei University.


  1. Who created the Seikei Univ.?
  2. Seikei Univ. used to be in ○○!
  3. Is Seikei Univ. a liberal arts school or a science school?
  4. What are the characteristics of education?
  5. Everyone’s idol, Mr. Peach.

1. Who created the Seikei Univ.?】

The person in the photo is Mr. Haruji Nakamura, the founder of Seikei University. His trademark is his glasses and beard.

After studying in England, he built a private school called “Seikeien” in 1907 with the support of his close friends, Mr. Shigezo Imamura, the founder of Imamura Bank, and Mr. Koyata Iwasaki, the general manager of Mitsubishi Zaibatsu. Incidentally, the reason why regattas are still held today is that these three were the ones who conducted the regattas. In other words, the origin of regattas is so historic that it can be traced back to this point.

At this school, he focused more on the development of character than academic ability, and his education was partly based on the Buddhist tradition.

2. Seikei Univ. used to be in ○○!】

In fact, before Kichijoji, the predecessor of Seikei University was built in Ikebukuro, where the Seikei Practical School was established in 1912, followed by Seikei Junior High School (now called High School) and Seikei Elementary School (now called Elementary and Junior High School). Since separate schools for boys and girls were the norm at that time, the Seikei Girls’ School was opened in 1917 as a school exclusively for women.

Keep in mind that all of them were built in Ikebukuro, not Kichijoji!

3. Is Seikei Univ. a liberal arts or science school?】

The move from Ikebukuro to Kichijoji began in 1924. However, Haruji Nakamura passed away just as the relocation was underway. So he passed away without ever seeing Seikei in Kichijoji.

There were those who succeeded his will. Through their efforts, and Seikei University gradually changed its focus from people-oriented to academic-oriented. And the “Science Building” existed in the location of the present library. At that time, it was called Seijyou for literature and Seikei for science, and as a symbol of this, there was a huge building dedicated to science experiments. The equipment used in the experiment was custom-made by the school’s resident carpenter, and the cost was outrageous. A meteorological observatory has also existed on campus for a long time.

4. What are the characteristics of education?】

One of the most unusual features is the pre-class meditation called “Gyonen“.

This is intended to strengthen the mind and body before class and is done with eyes closed and hands clasped. While meditating, Seikei’s original music is played.

There was also a kind of learning through work. It was called summer school, and the Hakone dormitory was a remnant of the school the children attended during the summer. Seikei becomes smoky in the fall because the schoolchildren are baking sweet potatoes!

5. Everyone’s idol, Mr. Peach!!】

Thank you for your patience. This time I’m writing this blog to explain this guy.

This is Peach-kun. He is a peach fairy born from the thoughts of Mr.Haruji. There is nothing inside. He’s just filled with peach juice.

It’s cute. Apparently, he doesn’t like tight spaces. Why peaches? It’s a long story, so I’ll skip it. There is also a cheering squad. They are recruiting members.

You can meet him at the school festival. The year before last, I had my picture taken with him too! Seeing him will keep me going for a year.


And line stamps are on sale now! You’ve got to buy these now!!! I bought it, of course.

There are characters in various universities, but don’t you think they are usually rabbits or bears, unmoderated and without thought? In comparison, Peach is a rare university character that matches the founding and educational philosophy of Seikei. In addition, his innocent appearance attracts people again.