Get healthy by eating Natto!

A little while ago, Natto remarks have attracted public attention. Natto was said that it effect to prevention of COVID-19. Practically speaking, there is no evidence. However, it is fact that Natto is very healthy food.


1. How to make Natto?

2. Nutrition & Effect of Natto

3. How to eat Natto?

1. How to make Natto?

Take about three days to make Natto.

First, wash soybeans and soak they in water for 3~20 hours. Then they swell twice.

Second, steam they in steam for two hours.

Third, spray Bacillus Natto(納豆菌) on soybeans. Some factories pickle soybeans in liquid which contain Bacillus Natto.

Forth, put steamed soybeans in a pack before they get cold.

Fifth, packed soybeans rest for 16~24 hours. Soybeans ferment and become sticky by resting.

Sixth, keep soybeans in cold storage for half a day to a day.  Then cut down activity of the Bacillus Natto.

2. Nutrition & Effect of Natto

1, Natto has ingredient named Natto kinase. The ingredient effect of dissolving blood clot. Blood is easy to set while we are sleeping. Natto kinase keep the effect for 6~8 hours.  So, eating Natto before go to bed is effective. If you continue eating Natto, you can get progress of Natto kinase’s effect. It will be prevention of blood’s illness.

2, Natto has protein, amino acid and vitaminB. These are ingredient which make skin and hair. You will get effect for beauty.

3, Natto has vitaminK2. VitaminK2 can make strong bone. Prefectures which eat a lot of Natto are few people break their bone.

4, Natto has a ingredient which control allergy. So, Natto effect allergy of pollen, asthma and hives.

5, Bacillus Natto is intended to treat intestinal disorders. This improve immunity.

3. How to eat Natto?

1, Eating with raw egg is NG!

Some people eat Natto with raw egg. However, the white of an egg prevents absorption particular nutrition. If you eat only the yellow of an egg or heat the white of egg, you can get fully nutrition.

2, Eating with too hot rice is NG!

Natto kinase is weak against heat. It dies by heating on seventy degrees. Right after boil rice, it is over seventy degrees. So, let rice cool off.

3, Mix well

If you mix well, glutamate and ingredient of sweetness are increase. If you mix eighty times, you can eat Natto on best condition. A good time to put Natto’s sauce in Natto is last.