Mom and pop candy stores which you can buy old toy in Tokyo

We are not about to gradually watch the plaything which was got close to in old days in Japan.
When you want to experience old play, you lose it where I should go to for buying.
Therefore I introduce mom and pop candy stores preparing an old plaything this time.
It is recommended the person who wants to mention Japanese culture because you can enjoy not only the toy but also cheap candies.

1. Gaocchi (at Nakano Broadway)
2. Gifuya (at Araiyakushimae)
3. Shibamata Haikara-yokocho (at Katsushika)

Gaocchi (ガオッチ)

It is a popular toy store of the extreme popularity for an overseas visitor handling a nostalgic product of the Showa era. There are all the good old toys which were not seen anymore in the common shop.
There is not the handling of the cheap candy in this shop in itself, but can go immediately because there is a shop selling cakes in Nakano Broadway.

In addition, the Nakano Broadway thinks that there is a shop to be able to enjoy a lot because it becomes the recommended tourist attraction to the person of the foreign tourist.

 Address: 5-52-153, Nakano, Nakano-ku floor
 Tel: 03-5577-4300
 Open-Close: 12:00~20:00
 Regular holiday: no holiday

Gifuya (ぎふ屋)

The shop with a nostalgic atmosphere founded in 1949. It is right next to the school, and there are many regular customers of the child.
And there are many nostalgic goods such as a cheap candy and figure skating, comics and LP recode.
The shop sells many cigarettes at the counter. It is a shop only in Japan to be able to enjoy from a child to an adult.

 Address: 5-44-3, Kamitakada, Nakano-ku
 Tel: 03-3389-4281
 Open-Close: 12:00~23;00(Mon-Fri) 10;00~23:00(Sat, Sun and holiday)
 Regular holiday: Tuesday

Shibamata Haikara-yokocho (柴又ハイカラ横丁)

It is a popular tourist attraction to appear as the stage of movie “Otokoha Tsuraiyo” and the comics “Kochikame”. Several thousand kinds of cheap candies form a line in the first floor crowdedly, and classic toys assemble in full force in the second floor. Not to mention one born in Showa, even a Heisei-born person can feel somewhere nostalgia. The toy Museum of the second floor is open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, but a lot of toys which it is hard to obtain now are prepared.

 Address: 7, Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 3-12
 Tel: 03-3673-9627
 Open-Close: 10:00~19:00
 Regular holiday: Tuesday

These others have a lot of shops with the nostalgia.
Please come.
We should be able to succeed Japanese play culture in the future.