Travel Guide to Nagoya Japan

Have you ever heard Nagoya? Nagoya is in Tokai area where is attractive city in Japan.



1.Where is Nagoya

2.Where to go in Nagoya

3.What to do in Nagoya


Where is Nagoya

Many people are never heard about Nagoya, but Nagoya is one of the major city in japan. Nagoya “名古屋” is Japan’s fourth most populated city. Nagoya is the capital of Aichi prefecture. It located between Tokyo and Osaka. On the Tokaido shinkansen, so easy to go when you go to Osaka from Tokyo.


Where to go in Nagoya.



I recommend you to go the two places, one is Nagoya castle then feel the edo Period “江戸時代”. Nagoya castle is very beautiful. The entrance fee is 500 yen. You will take beautiful picture at there. Second is Rail way museum of Central Japan Railways. This museum shows the advance in high-speed railway through rolling stock display. You will learn the railway history, technology, and culture. The entrance fee is 1000 yen.


What to do in Nagoya


You should go Amusement park in Nagoya, Nagoya has the two amusement park. One is LEGO land, and Nagashima spa land. Nagashima spa land has highest roller coaster In japan. You will enjoy it. Nagashima spa land has huge outlet mall, and beautiful spa. Therefore, after enjoying the amusement park, you will enjoy shopping, and also refresh with Japanese Spa.



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