The way of you can enjoy sushi in Japan

Have you ever tried sushi in Japan? Sushi became famous as one of Japanese food. However, there is not some Japanese-like one in the world. This blog introduces “What is originally Japanese sushi”, and some of way that you can enjoy sushi in Japan.



1.What is originally Japanese sushi?

2.Sushi restaurant


4.Delivery sushi




What is originally Japanese sushi?

In these days, there are many sushi shops in the world. However, some one looks they sell “Not originally Japanese sushi”. Their sushi is changed taste for customers like. Actually, that type of sushi is nice too, but I think “At least when you come to Japan, I would like to know & enjoy Japanese-like sushi.”


(Left: Sushi sells in Japan Right: Sushi sells in other countries )▼


Sushi (すし, 寿司, 鮨) is raw fish and seafood packed together with rice and vegetables into beautiful pieces. Originally Japanese sushi is often eaten with soy sauce and wasabi. And seasoning is simple. (They almost don’t use mayonnaise, avocados, something taste sweet…) Each little piece is almost like simple & beautiful art!


Did you know that it takes three years just to learn how to cook the Sushi rice properly? And that it takes eight years to learn how to make Sushi right! It sure that they become art form! If you meet nice sushi chef, it’s better goes to a little expensive sushi restaurant. (The reason is that cheap Kaiten-zushi mainly use machine to make sushi.)



Sushi restaurant

Then, I’ll introduce the main way that you can enjoy sushi. Japan has lots of sushi restaurant. Especially you can find them almost everywhere in Tokyo. Compared with Kaiten-zushi, or Delivery’s one, the cost of sushi that is served in sushi restaurant is high. However, you can enjoy much nice, fresh fishes, rice, and pleasant atmosphere.

If you eat high quality sushi (or more Japanese like one), you should go there.



They are commonly counter style. So you can see sushi chef’s great skills up close.

Furthermore, “Noren”(Japanese shop curtain) is signal of sushi shop. Let’s find it!



In case you want to enjoy sushi in low cost or you will travel with children, it’s better to go to Katen-zushi. It’s called conveyor belt sushi in the world. You may see it once somewhere, but Japanese one is more interesting.

Kappa zushi is famous sushi chain shop in Japan. It serves many kinds of sushi. In addition to normal type sushi (tuna, salmon, and famous fishes), there are hamburg Steak

Sushi, takoyaki (one of the famous Japanese food) and sweets!

However, Kappa zushi’s biggest charm is “sushi train”. After you order sushi, surprisingly, they are carried by sushi! (The sushi on the train comes to you seat.)

This system will be exciting you especially children. Let’s check it out!



(Right: hamburg steak sushi)


Delivery sushi

If you want to sushi without go out (if you feel tired), you should use delivery sushi. It’s easy to use, and you don’t need to go sushi shop by yourself. Some Japanese often use it when they held party or dinner.




Do you enjoy this article? Hoping that information will be some of help to your trip! Let’s enjoy sushi in various ways and make great memory!!