What Japanese called granola?

There are few varieties of granola in Japan. Do you know why? The definition of granola in Japan is wider!


1.Granola for Japanese

  Explain that Japanese define cereal and cornflake as a granola.

2.Ingredients of Japanese granola

  Write ingredients of some granola and compare with foreign one.

  (J:calbee ごろっと果実のグラノーラ・フルぐら A:simple granola)

3.Unique granola in Japan

  Introduce unique snack granola in Japan(black thunder, macrobi granola)



Granola for Japanese

In the grocery store in japan, there is a corner that categorized as a product of cereals. As it is categorized, there are lots of kind of cereals and corn flakes. However, there are not able to find granola or just be able to find less than two kinds of granolas. This is happened because of different thought for granola of Japanese.

Here are the points of granola for Japanese.

  • Eat easy and quickly as a breakfast
  • Eat with milk
  • Contain Fruits, nuts and chocolates
  • Do not care whether it has lots of sugar
  • Include cereals and corn flakes
  • Do not care whether it is organic or not

Some points are similar for foreigner. On the other hand, others cannot accept especially among people who loves granola. The most unbelievable point is that ignore the quality of ingredients in Japan. For example, granola, made in Japan have lots of sugar. For granola lovers and some of foreigners it is important that granola should be healthy and natural.

Ingredients of Granola in Japan

Regarding the first paragraph, cereals and corn flakes are categorized in granolas. Although this thought is standard in Japan, there are few products that called “granola” in the grocery store. Please look at the chart below. You can see difference of ingredients of granola between made in Japan and made in Australia and America.











Oats, rye flour, sugar, dried fruits, flour, coconuts, maruto dextrin, vegetable oil, rice flour, water soluble dietary fiber, corn flower, pumpkin seeds, almonds, sea salt, wheat bran…


Australian whole grains, seeds, oat bran, raw sugar, puffed rice, skim milk powder, cashews, canola oil, coconuts, dextrin, natural flavor, soy lecithin, antioxidant


Whole grain oats, brown crisps, caramel, apple juice concentrate, honey, sunflower oil, butter, apples, sunflower seeds, dates, pumpkin seeds, oat, chia seeds, cinnamon, sea salt, vanilla


  • High in dietary fiber and iron
  • Low sea salt



  • Have a healthy recommendation
  • No artificial flavor
  • Good source of fiber and protein


  • Gluten and soy free
  • Nutritious seeds
  • low sugar


Brand : Calbee

Brand : Arnolds Farm

Brand : 18 rabbits












Oats, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, lactose, water soluble dietary fiber, corn grits, artificial dried fruits, rey flour, raisins, syrup, salt, dextrin, kinako flour, barley, brown rice flour, rice flour…


Whole grains, nuts, raw sugar, honey, pepitas, sunflower oil, corn starch, cinnamon, natural vanilla flavor, antioxidant



Whole grain oats, brown rice syrup, almonds, cane sugar, oat bran, brown rice, ground flax seeds, natural flavors



  • Big cut dried fruits
  • High in dietary fiber
  • 2 kind of oligosaccharide


  • Have a healthy recommendation
  • Low GI and high in whole grain
  • Source of protein


  • Low sugar
  • Healthy almonds
  • Naturally flavored


Brand : Nissin

Brand : Carman’s

Brand : Bear naked

The granola made in Japan contains lots of artificial additives. Therefore, products contain much more ingredients than products made in Australia and in America. In another words, granolas made in Australia and in America are made more simply and healthy. Also, most of products are acceptable for vegan and gluten allergy.     

Granolas made in Japan have amount of sugar and fruits. As a result, they have a high calorific value compare with other two countries. This is another reason that granola is categorized in cereals and corn flakes.

Unique Granola in Japan

 You can find granola bar in every country and of course Japan is one of its countries. Interestingly, there are unique products related to the granola in Japan. Here are some products.

  • 8 Granolas chocolate with quinoa

This chocolate is made by 8 kind of granolas, also contains quinoa. It is sold as a healthy snack because it contains super food and high in fiber. In addition, it is just 130 calories even though it is a chocolate snack.


  • Granola thunder

This product is combinate with “Calbee’s granola” (mention at the chart of second paragraph). This snack is also chocolate that contain granola and fruits. It’s calorie is only 92. Surprisingly, its calorie is less than 100!! Therefore, this snack is thought as a healthy product too.

quote : https://youpouch.com/2017/06/13/438125/

  • Cream brown rice (salt and lemon)

This product is similar with a cookie. Lemon cream and salt cream are sandwiched by baked granola dough. It is not categorized as snacks, it is nutritional supplementary product instead. The unique point of this product is combination. Regularly, granolas are eaten with milk or yoghurt and just for simple.However, this product is granola with cream.

quote : https://www.asahi-fh.com/products/balanced-food/balance-up/


   These are the granolas made in Japan information. As you might find, granolas in Japan have differences definitions, qualities, ingredients, target of customers and the way of using granola. Interestingly, granola that is mixed with snack, is sold as a nutritional supplementary product even though it seems to be high in sugar.

If you get interesting for this article, please try to buy granolas, made in Japan, when you have opportunity to come Japan!! You might be able to enjoy variety of flavors.

I hope this article was worth for you. Next article is about best granola in Japan! See you until next time.


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