Good & Bad point to live alone

In spring, we start new life. Some people look forward to this, others are anxious it. In that person, some people start living alone with expectations and anxiety. I start living alone last week and spend one year, so I found some points for spend good life. I hope your new life will be more good by knowing these points.

1. Good point to live alone. Top 3.#a1

2. Bad point to live alone. Top 3.#a2

1. Good point to live alone.

What is the good point to live alone? I’ll talk about it but these are my personal opinion. I want you to refer not all but you believe.

  1. Use your time freely

You can use your time freely. For example, wake up late in weekend, playing game with friend at late. There are no parents to get angry to you. But, it’s warning, if you skip your task, it will be exposed on your score.

2.Use money you want to do

You can use money what you want. In your parent’s home, when you buy your favorite items, some parents complain it. I experience it, too. But now, I’m not said about it. I do part time job, earn money and use money to buy my favorite books, items and soon and decorate my room.

But, you must control your money by own.

2. Bad point to live alone.

 I talked about good points but bad and inconvenient part also exist. That is important to know these points to spend more good life.

  1. Must do housework by myself

Of course, no one do housework for you. Clean your room, cooking, washing and so on… Especially, I don’t cook much because it take time and need preparing to buy food. I go university and take classes, sometimes I work part time job. After these, I get tired so I don’t feel cooking and go convenience store. That’s no good for me.

And, you should clean bathroom and kitchen. That’s unexpectedly bother. There are easy to get dirty and leave it as it is, there become bad smell. You should do what you don’t want to do yourself.

2.Break own lifestyle habit

No one angry you, so you need to control your lifestyle. If you break it, you get sick or you couldn’t concentrate on your task. I’m sure you should tend to get up late by playing game, using smartphone and calling with your friends.

I wrote good and bad points to live alone. Sometimes it can be difficult but I think it will be a good experience for the future. I learned to live on my own power. By all means, you start living alone with expectations.