Recommended Japanese souvenirs

Have you had a problem that what Japanese souvenirs you should get for your family or friends. I’m going to introduce you best 5 souvenirs in Japan.

1.Food samples
2.Chop sticks
3.Snack food
4.Kanji T-shirts

Food samples

Food sample is displayed in windows of restaurants in Japan. This is made of vinyl and so on.

This gives customers an effect that dishes look very delicious. Recently, food samples become popular and handmade kits that we can make those at home are sold online.

Chop sticks

Chop sticks are used in Japan about every day. In my opinion, foreign people can feel Japanese culture the most if you present it.

Snack food

Snack food means snacks which are sold at supermarkets or convenience stores in Japan.

For example, Takenoko-no-sato , Jagariko and Potato chips are. The research by TABIPPO in 2015 said that potato chips were the most popular Japanese snack food among foreign people.

Kanji T-shirts

I heard that foreign people thought Japanese kanji was cool, so if they get kanji T-shirts , they would be pleased. Especially, you had better present “最強(saikyou)”T-shirt because it is my favorite kanji.


Origami is one of the most items that people can feel Japanese culture.

People can enjoy a lot of how to fold origami. In Japan, the most famous shape of origami is Folded-paper crane.