The world superb view choice to want to see before I die

There are countless amazing views of the world. So, the world is so big and beautiful. The four superb views I’ll introduce to you below were selected based on my judgement and prejudice.I have never seen it directly. However, this is the place I want to see with my own eyes before I die.

1.Like a fantasy world

2.The ice world

3.Starlight in the dark

4. Divine cenote

1. Like a fantasy world

The first superb view about a waterfall. There are a lot of famous waterfalls including angel fall and Niagara Falls, but do you know this waterfall ?

This is the waterfall of Seljalandsfoss in Ireland. There is a path that surrounds the waterfall, and you can walk to the back of the waterfall. From behind you can see the waterfall against the sky and the North Atlantic. There are grasslands around, and it seems to change its appearance depending on the season.

2.The ice world

The next superb view is the ice world. I think it is ice world that a superb view, unexplored region applies to it most personally.

This is the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland. Vaton means water and lake in Icelandic language, and is the largest glacier in Europe as if embodying it. The reason why the glacier’s cave shines blue is that the glacier is frozen by the accumulated snow, and the air is pushed out to become ice with high purity that does not contain bubbles. It’s really beautiful!!

3. Starlight in the dark

The third is the starry sky. Above all, I will introduce the places where you can see the starry sky most fantastically. The starry sky gets a human heart and does not separate it.

This is the view from below the American Owachomo Bridge. The night sky looking up at the Owachomo Bridge is exactly “100 million stars falling from the sky”. The reason is that the night sky here is famous for being the darkest in the United States, and there are few factors that cause light pollution to the night sky around, so you can see the shine of the stars themselves. I want to see a shooting star here!

4. Divine cenote

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to Cenote, a superb view of Mexico. Cenote is a natural spring formed by the accumulation of groundwater in the pits in the limestone areas of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. It is said that there are thousands of cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. Here are three carefully selected cenotes.

Cenote Ik Kill

Countless tree roots hang down from the round hole in the ceiling, and the sunshine is a mysterious sight on a sunny day. Called the holy blue cenote. Beautiful and Mysterious!

Gran Cenote

As the name implies, it is the most famous cenote with outstanding transparency and beauty among many cenotes. I don’t think it’s in the sea.

Cenote Cabañas Suytun

This cenote is located in a space surrounded by a dome-shaped stalactite cave, giving it the feel of a natural indoor pool. Personally, I feel very Maya.

How was it? I hope you read this and want to go there once. Also, if you are interested, please check it out yourself. It just feels like you’ve been to the place and it’s a lot of fun!!


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