Who is the recommended YouTuber

In 2020, We were heavily affected by the COVID-19. I think many people spent time at home. So this time, I would like to introduce the recommended YouTuber !

Who is YouTuber ?#a1


Mikuru Asakura#a3


Channel Gadoman#a5


Who is YouTuber ?

The word YouTuber is used worldwide. YouTuber refers to people who continuously publish videos on the video sharing site ‘‘YouTube’’ and earn money from advertising revenue. YouTube is hugely popular in Japan. And the profession called YouTuber is also ranked first in the profession ranking that elementary school students want to be. Each person has their own channel, and there are various videos that can be posted. For example, there are live videos of games, explanation videos of something, and interesting content.


First of all, I recommend‘Hikaru Channel’’. He is currently a 29-year-old male YouTuber with 4.28 million subscribers. He is extremely popular as a rich YouTuber. There are 5 other performers in his video, and a lot of videos with a total of 6 people have been posted recently. He is good speaker, and he has the power to entertain the viewer. I would especially recommend him to men. His influence is enormous, and many collaboration videos with entertainers have been seen recently. The video that reveals the darkness of the festival lottery is very interesting, so please watch it.

Mikuru Asakura

Next, I recommend ‘‘Mikuru Asakura Channel’’. He is mixed martial artist and YouTuber. He is 28-year-old and he has 1.67 million subscribers to the channel. He is filming YouTube with 3 other members. He has published videos about fights and martial arts, as well as talking about his thoughts and ways of life. I like his way of thinking. He is also fighter, so he should have many male fans. If you are interested in martial arts and his way of life, I want you to see it.


Next, I recommend ‘‘Mentalist Daigo’’. He is a mentalist and YouTuber. He is very smart and he is studying psychology. His video is a style in which he talks about something by himself. The contents are only necessary and useful for living. He speaks based on psychological research, so he has a solid basis. He has 2.3 million subscribers and few Japanese know his name. His story is very informative, so please watch it.

Channel Gadoman

Next, I recommend ‘‘Channel Gadoman’’. Channel Gadoman is a 3 member YouTube unit. They have 1.59 million subscribers. They are very popular because they shoot a lot of funny videos. They have posted a lot of destructive videos that are also popular overseas. These days, they post only funny content, such as scribble on PlayStation 4 and glue car seats. Their videos are recommended for men rather than women. Kids will like their videos.


Next, I recommend ‘‘THE FIRST TAKE Channel’’. On this channel, videos of performances recorded in one shot by famous singers and artists are released irregularly. There is microphone on a white background, where singers and artists take one shot. The number of subscribers is currently 3.15 million. The point is that there are many songs that are popular in Japan now. The reason why ‘‘THE FIRST TAKE’’ is so popular is that we can listen to live music because it contains all the breathing and noise that are usually cut. Please listen to famous Japanese songs.

Finally, this time I introduced the recommended YouTube channel. Everyone has their own tastes, so be sure to find your favorite YouTuber. Thank you for reading.