Half day Itinerary in Harajuku and Around (afternoon)

Centering upon a tour of Harajuku, this itinerary helps you to enjoy experiencing Tokyo including the biggest urban city, Shinjuku in the afternoon. If you want to have an all day trip in this area, please visit here and refer the half day plan in the morning. Waking around Harajuku, you can experience both of traditional Japanese culture of Edo period and latest trend of Tokyo. You must be overwhelmed and attracted by the energy of this town.

1. How to get to Harajuku
2. Itinerary
Meiji- jingu shrine (14:30PM~16:00PM)

How to get to Harajuku

You can use JR Yamanote line to get to Harajuku station. guides


Meiji-jingu shrine(14:30PM~16:00PM)

Meiji-jingu shrine(14:30PM~16:00PM)I

I got this photo from https://icotto.jp/presses/1438

Among the lively and quick town, Harajuku, there is one place you can experience Japanese tradition, history, and spirit. Meiji-jingu shrine was built in 1920 to deify the Emperor Meiji and the Empress Shoken. I

The shrine has a lot of green. These trees were planted at the same time the shrine was built.

This shrine is said to be one of the strongest “power spots”, locations thought to be flowing with mystical energy, so you could get your fortune uplifting and refreshed by walking around the shrine.I

In Meiji-jingu shrine, you might be moved by the beauty of this shrine and Japanese tradition and spirit. That must be a really precious experience for you all.

Business Hours month open close
Jan. 6:40am 16:20pm
Feb. 6:20am 16:50pm
Mar. 5:40am 17:20pm
Apr. 5:10am 17:50pm
May 5:00am 18:10pm
Jun. 5:00am 18:30pm
Jul. 5:00am 18:20pm
Aug. 5:00am 18:00pm
Sep. 5:20am 17:20pm
Oct. 5:40am 16:40pm
Nov. 6:10am 16:10pm
Dec. 6:40am 16:00pm
Price Free to entry(cost to receive prayer for you)
Address A few minutes walk from JR Harajuku Station’s Omotesando-guchi Exit to Torii gate, Meiji Jingu, 1-1 Yoyogi-Kamizono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8857 map
Telephone Telle :03-3379-5511
Fax :03-3379-5519
Website http://www.meijijingu.or.jp/english/index.html
Others You had better have learnt how to act in dignified shrines like Meiji-jingu. etiquette


Next to Harajuku, there is also a lively town, Shibuya. The scramble intersection is a unique scene of this busy and large city. Over 3,000 people cross here at the same time and they walk across here very smoothly without bump against each other. This spectacle scene must be your good memory.

I got these photo from photo AC

And don’t forget to take picture with this dog, Hachi. He is one of the most famous dogs in Japan. You might be surprised to see a lot of people standing around him all day.

This town is also popular with teenager as well as Harajuku and known as having a lot of good and reasonable restaurants and café or place to play. This is a VR game & café bar, VREX. VREX is very popular with the youth and tourist.

This café has many kinds of VR game. You can enjoy latest VR technology and have fun here.

It has variety of food & drink menu. You must have a wonderful time in Shibuya.

Address Shibuya-ku, Tokyo map
Telephone 03-3463-1211
Website http://play-shibuya.com/


I got these photo from http://tokyophoto.blog.jp/tokyo/shinjuku.html

You must go Shinjuku at night. One of the busiest city, Shinjuku is very still lively at the evening. I recommend you having dinner at Izakaya. Izakaya is Japanese style bar. I

In dinner time, many people including men and women of all ages visit Izakaya. They enjoy food and alcohol, and talking with other people. You can feel Japanese unique atmosphere, “Ninjomi”, which is warm and comfortable. That is rare experience so you can’t miss visiting Izakaya.

Address Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo map
Telephone 03-3209-9999
Website http://www.kanko-shinjuku.jp/