3 best cafés in Kichijoji


1,Alley cafe

2,Sajilo Cafe

3,café du lievre


1,Alley café


Recommended point:☆☆☆

This café is famous for cheesecake.

I recommend this café for those who like cheesecake.

There are six kinds of cheesecakes in this café.

Especially, Oreo New York cheesecake is popular.

Oreo cookies is best with cheesecake!



Lunch plate is also popular menu.

There are lunch plates such as curry and omelet rice.

Moreover, there are many kinds of salad and spaghetti.

The drink is also delicious.

The price of lunch plate is about 1000 yen.


Address: Keyaki buiding 3F , 1-1-8, Kichijoji Minami-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

Business hours : 11a.m.~11p.m. (food L.O.22:00 drink&sweets L.O.22:30)



2,Sajilo café



Recommended point:☆☆☆         


Sajilo Cafe is curry shop.

Here is one of the most popular shops among curry shops in Kichijoji.

This café is always crowded in lunchtime and famous for cheese naan.

There are a lot of cheese in naan and it is very delicious!

There are many kinds of naan besides cheese naan.

Of course, curry is also very tasty.

The price is not expensive.

A set is 1000 yen for one type of curry and B set is 1150 yen for two type of curry.

Salad and drink are also served.


Address: 1-36-8, hon-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

Business hours: 11:30a.m.~3:30p.m. (lunch)

               6p.m.~11p.m. (dinner)


3,cefe du lievre



Recommended point:☆☆☆


Here is in Inokashira park.

You can eat delicious Galettes, crepe and curry at this café.

There are about 8 crepes, you can enjoy various flavors.

This café originally specialized in Garette.



Recently, cheese dry curry is popular among young women.

It is very delicious with fried eggs on the curry.

Besides this curry, there are cheese pork curry and black curry.

This café is particularly crowded on the weekend and you have to wait in line in the afternoon.

If you come to Kichijoji, it is one of the cafes that I want to you to come to.


Address: 1-19-43, Goten-yama, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

Business hours: 【weekdays】10a.m.~7p.m.(L.O. 6p.m.)

【Saturdays, Sundays , holidays】8:30a.m.~8p.m.(L.O.7p.m.)