My recommended Kura Sushi’s menu items

Hello! Do you like sushi? I like it very much. I applied for Kura Sushi to eat sushi as inclusive meals, and I work there now. Unfortunately, there is not inclusive meals in Kura Sushi, but I went there many times and I ate all menu items at Kura Sushi’s, so in this article, I introduce my recommended menu items at Kura Sushi’s using the experience!

Quick Look at the contents

  1. What is Kura Sushi?

  2. Recommended Sushi

  3. Recommended side menu items

  4. Recommended desserts

  5. My most favorite sushi, side menu item and dessert


1.What is Kura Sushi?

First, do you know Kura Sushi? It is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, and a chain restaurant. There is Kura Sushi in America and Taiwan. Almost all Sushi are 100 yen and the sushi dishes on the conveyor belt have plastic lids that keep the sushi fresh and clean. Kura Sushi has own system. When you finish eating five sushi dishes, you deposit five empty dishes into the dish-collecting system at the counter. And you can turn the crank. Maybe you sometimes win a prize. There is a lot of family in Kura Sushi, so it has such a system, many side menu items and desserts.


2.Recommended Sushi

I introduce my favorite sushi in this section.

  • Tuna (maguro)

Tuna is a must-eat! There are many types of tuna in Kura Sushi. For example, pickled tuna (duke maguro), medium fatty tuna (tyu toro), and so on. My best tuna is Kiwami Jukusei Maguro although I like all tuna. Try to eat all tuna and choose your best.


  • Fatty salmon (toro salmon)

I feel it is very popular because it is frequently ordered. Especially, the young order it. In fact, it is very delicious. It has a mild flavor so I think children could also eat easily. 


  • Octopus with Nanko-ume (Nama Tako Nanko-ume)

Nanko-ume is highest grade plum in Japan. It is a little tart, but the tartness is very good! If you try eating it once, you will become addicted. Maybe it is not good for people who are not good at tartness but the tartness is really a little, so have a try.


  • Tempura prawn Sushi (Ebiten Sushi)

Some people say Kura Sushi’s tempura is better than its sushi. I don’t know which is better, but I agree the opinion in terms of that Kura Sushi’s tempura is good. This tempura prawn is fresh-cooked and crispy! Both children and adults should be satisfied.


  • Seared cheese salmon (aburi cheese salmon)

It is seared salmon that put some cheese on. People who are not good at raw fish can also eat it relatively because it’s not fishy. The cheese tastes good. I have an impression that family often order.


3.Recommended side menu items

This section is about side menu items.

  • Onion ring

As previously stated, Kura Sushi’s tempura is delicious. Onion ring is no exception either. This is fried onions. It is very delicious, hot and crispy. But there’s one point to be careful. When it’s crowded, onion ring sometimes soft and wilted because time and temperature to fry onion ring is not enough. If it is so, don’t hesitate to say it. Clerk should make it again.


  • Savory egg custard (thawan-mushi)

Savory egg custard is steamed egg custard with assorted ingredients. This ingredients in Kura Sushi sometimes change. Now it includes crab meat and scallops. This is a good combination. Its deliciousness is different by the ingredients, so please ask clerk its contents. My best ingredients are crab meat and scallops that are sold now.


  • Seafood don (kaisen-don)

This is a bowl of rice with sashimi on top. There are a lot of set menu, but my recommended set is normal set. The set comes with savory egg custard or miso soup. It is very filling, and only 500 yen! It is great value for money! I like savory egg custard than miso soup. Basically, we can only order for lunch, so let’s be careful.


4.Recommended desserts

Next is my favorite desserts.

  • Ice cream in the Puff

Ice cream in the Puff is what cream of cream puffs become ice cream. Honestly, there are a lot of similar things in convenience stores. However, this is 100 yen! Maybe it is cheaper than buying in convenience store. There’s no loss in eating.


  • Berry ice cream

Berry ice cream is ice cream with various kinds of berries. It has a good combination of sweetness of ice cream and tartness of berries. The container is also good. I don’t know what this is (Cookie? Waffle? Another?), however this is very delicious. I recommend this although it is a little expensive.


  • Probiotic drink

This is juice. The taste is almost Calpico’s juice getting diluted. Calpico means Calpis in Japanese. Maybe it is better to buy it at a convenience store. However, this is only juice for 100 yen at Kura Sushi. Now this is doing a collab with Pokimon, so it is 180 yen. You should buy it after finishing the collab.



Apart from that, Kura Sushi has limited edition’s dessert. Those are basically delicious, so let’s try eat these!


5.My most favorite sushi, side menu item and dessert

I decided my most favorite menu item in each department.

My best sushi is Octopus with Nanko-ume!

My best side menu item is Seafood don!

My best dessert is Berry ice cream!

You should try to eat the menu items that I introduced!

At last, maybe your near Kura Sushi doesn’t have the dishes that was introduced in the article. If there is not these, you should eat dishes that you like.