Saitama is the best place in the world

You may think Saitama has no place to visit, but there are some places you should go to.

Do you know Saitama has lots of place to visit.


1 Mitumine shrine

2 Kawagoe

3 Hikawa shrine

Mitumine shrine(Chichibu)


Mitumine shrine is the most famous shrine, for it is said that this plac has power.

Access: 50 minutes from Mitumine Guchi Station by bus.

       1 hour and 10 minutes from Seibu Chichibu Station by bus


Kawagoe is also famous place in Japan. It is famous for its cityscape called `Koedo`. We can enjoy as if we were in Edo era.

Hikawa shrine(Omiya)

Hikawa shrine is in Omiya. It is built about 2400 years ago.