A schedule of Japanese wedding ceremony

1.10:30~ Wedding ceremony
2.11:00~ Garden ceremony
3.11:30~ Wedding reception start
4.12:00~ Cake-cutting
5.12:15~ Leaving for changing dress
6.12:30~ Profile movie
7.12:55~ Re-entry after dressing
8.13:40~ Concluding

What do you imagine when you hear the Japanese wedding ceremony?

Bride&groom wear Japanese dress and conduct at shrine. Like that?

Actually, these are rare types, most Japanese couple conduct it at wedding hall and choice Christianity style. The groom wears tuxedo and the bride wears wedding dress same as Europe and America.

Then, I will introduce schedule of Japanese wedding ceremony for example.

10:30~ Ceremony

The content if the Christian ceremony is the same as that of the Europe and America.

It is important part named “Bale down” by bride’s mother. It means the finish of a bride’s dress up and last child-rearing.

The bride is writing a marriage certification.

11:00~ Garden ceremony

After wedding ceremony, they do a next ceremony in garden. In there, guests celebrate Bride&groom by flower shower and balloon release.

If venue has a pool, they can choice a option of “Drop and fly”.  Everyone throws balloons in the pool and waits a moment, then balloons start to fly in the sky.

And, guests who want to be happier participate “Bouquetus”.

11:30~ Wedding reception start

Guest move to the banquet, in there they enjoy ceremony while having delicious food and drink. 


12:00~ Cake-cutting

Bride&groom do cake cutting as the first collaboration of a married couple. They also do “First bite” each other. Sometimes the bride prepares a big spoon to scoop up a large amount of cake.


And more in Japan, there is popular performance of this ceremony. It is “Last bite”. Bride&groom call their mothers and mothers feed cake for them. This action means graduation of rising a child for a mother.

12:15~Leaving for changing dress

Bride&groom leave banquet to change their dress. They never leave alone. They call important person like grandparents, sister or brother and friends are also okay and walk together. Guests are moved by their bond.

12:30~ Profile movie

While waiting Bride&groom, guests watch their profile movie.

12:55~ Re-enter after dressing

After dressing, birde&groom re-enter in the banquet. Bride changes white wedding dress into color dress. Guests guess which entrance they use and appear, main door? stairs? garden?

After that, they round guests table in order and take photos with some items. For instance…

With beer server,

With candle service.

13:40~ Concluding

One of main ceremony of Japanese wedding ceremony is bride’s letter for her parents. All guests are impressed by them.

After that, bride&groom give the presents for their parents, groom’s father express gratitude to guests for attendance that day, and finally groom give the speech same as his father. Then, a half day of wedding ceremony come to an end.  Did you find original Japanese tradition? Japanese wedding ceremony makes a special day for everyone.