The perfect gift! 4 flower shops and their beautiful bouquets at Kichjoji

Mother’s Day is celebrated in japan on the second Sunday in May.
For this special occasion, it can often be hard to decide on an appropriate present. Flowers may seem like an all too obvious choice, but with so many local flower shops producing stylish bouquets at Kichijoji.

1. Flower shop Hanayuki
2. Florist Cocoride
3. Yon hiki no neko(4 cats)
4. Hanagokoro (flower mind)

Flower shop Hanayuki

セレクトショップEhimade エヒメイド のブログ

Open: 10:00
Close: 20:00
2-20-8 Kichijojimoto Cho , Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180-0004

Leave the Kichijoji station North Exit and proceed along the station to the left, you will collide with Kichijoji street. Going right will ,make you see 3 blocks ahead on your left. I think that it is a pretty shop worthy of Kichijoji in the town I want to live in. As well as flowers.of course, dry flowers for store display, leases, house plants ets..are also putting so even more fashionable atmosphere.
Especially the dry flower which dried the flowers purchased with the owner’s eyesight draws attention.

Florist Cocoride


Open: 10:00
Close: 19:30
2-17-13 Kichijojimoto cho ,musashino shi , Tokyo, 180-0004

There are a lot of flower shops that you can see when walking a little flom Kichijoji station towards UNIQLO, in addition to cut flowers,potted plants, flower vases and fancy bonsai. A shop with a big frontage, when you stop by, you will always be greeted with seasonal flowers. Of course you can order form Internet, if you live around Kichijoji you can deliver it free of charge.

Yon hiki no neko(4 cats)

Yahoo blog 河田 悠三

Open: 11:00
Close: 19:00

2-28-3 Kichijojimoto cho, Musashino shi, Tokyo, 180-0004
TEL: 0422-21-6901

The cute naming remains in memory, the flower shop of Kichijoji.The reason why the owner started shop was helping his friend’s flower shop. After opening, this shop which started with moving sale with a small rear car is now a popular shop in town.

Hanagokoro (flower mind)


Open; 10:00
Close; 19:00

2-33-14 Kichijojimoto cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
TEL: 0422-77-6871

It is a flower shop that incorporates the “Flower Therapy”.
The back of the flower shop is an event space. It recommended for foreigner who want to do events at Kichijoji.