Actually British food is delicious!!!

I’ve heard once that British food is not delicious. But that is a story of the past. This time we will talk about the latest evolution of British cuisine.

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In modern times, you can easily eat Chinese cuisine and French cuisine from around the world. But British food is rarely one of our options. Only Japanese may know fish and chips. However, British food has evolved since the 1990s as if to recover this bad reputation. The characteristic of British cuisine is that it does not use a lot of seasoning and simply makes good use of the ingredients.

1.  Have you ever seen fish and chips?

2.  Do you know scones?

3.  What is Sunday roast?

4.  You are sure to be surprised Scotch Egg!

5.  Afternoon tea that makes you want to post on Instagram!

1.Have you ever seen fish and chips?

Fish and Chips is famous for its name, but I think few people have ever seen the real thing. It is a set of fried white fish and french fries, accompanied by bean sauce and lemon.

Fish and chips is a traditional British dish and has been loved by many British commoners. It was born in 1860 in East London. It is and is still an energy source for the people who work.

2.Do you know scones?

Scones always come with British tea. Scones show that the goodness of the ingredients that characterize British cuisine is utilized. English people eat scones with jam and clotted cream during tea time. Clotted cream is between fresh cream and butter. This is one of the dishes I want to try in England.

3.What is Sunday roast?

Sunday roast is a must on Sunday in England. Traditional British pubs and restaurants offer this Sunday roast as a special menu in addition to the regular menu on Sunday.

The average price of a Sunday roast is around £12-40. You can choose between beef, chicken, pork and rum.

If you like the rich flavor, beef! The traditional British roast beef is delicious with herb flavor and juicy meat that is exquisitely grilled.

I also recommend chicken and pork. Especially chicken is the most voluminous. If it’s a small chicken, the whole chicken and half the chicken will appear on the table. Recommended for those who are hungry. In addition to gravy sauce, cranberry sauce is included at some shops.

Next, Lamb is one of the most commonly eaten meats in England. In the UK, it is customary to eat lamb with mint sauce, and Sunday roast comes with mint sauce. The characteristic is that rum goes well with mint and is softer than beef.

4.You are sure to be surprised Scotch Egg!

Scotch eggs are another traditional British dish. And in recent years, Scotch eggs have begun to catch on. Scotch eggs are meatballs with eggs. In the home country of England, it has been popular as a national food at picnics and pubs.

5.Afternoon tea that makes you want to post on Instagram!

Afternoon tea is said to have been a tradition among British aristocrats that began in the mid 1800s, and enjoys snacks and snacks along with tea in the afternoon. It is said that the time between lunch and dinner was the beginning of eating bread and tea, talking with friends, and spending time.

If you are interested in British food even a little, let’s go! I’m going next year!