Half day Itinerary in Harajuku and around

Centering upon a tour of Harajuku, this itinerary helps you to enjoy experiencing Tokyo including the biggest urban city, Shinjuku. Waking around Harajuku, you can experience both of traditional culture of Edo period and latest trend of Tokyo. You must be overwhelmed and attracted by the energy of this town.



1.How to get to Harajuku


   –Samurai museum (10:30AM~11:30AM)

   –Kawaii Monster Café Harajuku (12:00PM~13:00PM)

   –Purikura Land NOA (13:15PM~14:00PM)






How to get to Harajuku

You can use JR Yamanote line to get to Harajuku station.




-Samurai museum (10:30AM~11:30AM)

I got this photo from https://www.recomtank.com/entry/samuraimuseum

Passing by busy streets from Shinjuku station, you will see a solemn building, Samurai museum. This museum exhibits a lot of items regarding Samurai, for example, Yoroi (the Japanese armour), Katana (Japanese sword) and some weapons that were used the era when Samurai had lived. You can also enjoy wearing Samurai uniform and Katana performance. After looking around this museum, you would master Samurai spirit.






Business HoursEveryday (10:30AM~21:00PM, last admission 20:30PM)

Adults: 1900 YEN

Children under 12: 800 YEN

Children 3 or under: Free


8 Minute Walk from JR Shinjuku Station’s East Exit

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Kabukicho 2-25-6 map


Free group tour

Explanations in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

Front desk stores your luggage


-Kawaii Monster Café Harajuku (12:00PM~13:00PM)

 I got this photo fromhttps://journal4.net/harajuku-kawaii-monstercafe/

Transporting to Harajuku station, you will realize the atmosphere of this town is very lively and kawaii. After walking about 5 minutes from Omotesando-guchi exit, you will find a very unique café. In this Kawaii Monster café, you must feel excited as if you enter into another world. Masuda Sebastian produced this café. He is also a producer of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, so you can experience latest Japanese Kawaii culture fully.


Colorful Rainbow Pasta https://journal4.net/harajuku-kawaii-monstercafe/


Colorful Poison Cake https://journal4.net/harajuku-kawaii-monstercafe/


Menu is also unique and surprising and you must have a good lunch time here.


Business Hours

Monday ~ Saturday

11:30AM~16:30PM (lunch), 18:00PM~22:30PM (dinner)

Sunday & Public holiday


Price500 yen to enter
AddressShibuya-ku, jingu-mae, 4-31-10, YM square, 4F map
OthersYou can take reservation except Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday.



-Purikura Land NOA (13:15PM~14:00PM)


I got this photo from http://www.printclub.jp/

After lunch, let’s take some Prikuras at Purikura Land Noa. Purikura is a photo sticker that is very popular for Japanese youth. It’s not just a photo sticker; photo booth is like a studio of magazines and makes you more cute and beautiful.




Noa has a free powder room and many kinds of costumes that are all free, and you can make-up and dress-up. Also, coin lockers are equipped so you can enjoy Purikura safely. Therefore, you can decorate your photos with stamps and pens on a screen next to photo booth. Noa has many kinds of Purikura stands so please make good memories here.

Business HoursEveryday (8:00AM~23:30PM)
Price400yen for 1sticker (except some stands)
AddressShibuya-ku,jingu-mae,1-17-5,B1F map
Website http://www.printclub.jp/