Do you want to get more like at instagram? In Japan there is a special Instagrammable
drink which named TAPIOKA drink. Some people know it as babble tea or boba tea. Today,
I will told you about TAPIOKA and how is it famous in Japan.


1.Tapioka boom in japan

2.Instagrammable drink

3.good and bad point of tapioka


Tapioka boom in japan

Now, Japanese people love to drink tapioka. Sometimes they lined to buy it for 30min or more. In addition, at instagram, there is 41.5K post which include the word #Tapioka. Thereby, You can know it is big boom in japan. Actually, tapioka is not from Japan. It is from Taiwan. But, Tokyo has more than 100 shops which sell Tapioka, and it has also continued to increase now. However each has own characteristic. It is one of the best part of tasting Tapioka.


Instagrammable drink

More than anything, Tapioka looks very lovely. It is so “KAWAII”!! Lets see some Tapioka photos!



Do you feel like to drink it???



Good and Bad point of tapioca


Lastly, I’ll tell you guys Tapioka’s good point or bat point.

1 instagrammable
2 tasty
3 filling (it is chewy) 4 variety kinds

1 sometime congestion (especially weekend) 2 a little expensive (about 500-700 yen)

Next, I’ll write best tapioca shop in Tokyo!