7 TABEARUKI (walk and eat) Spots Kichijoji

Do you know what it means “Tabearuki”? “Tabearuki” means walking while eating.



1.Tabearuki spots in Kichijoji

   –Hara doughnut


   –Pan no Tajima

   –Bull Pulu

   –Wood Belize Main Store


   –Amane taiyaki


Tabearuki spots in Kichijoji

There are many fancy shops handling old clothes and antique items at the north entrance.

There is famous Inokashira Park in the south entrance. Are there many people using it for cherry blossom viewing? There are a lot of gourmet spots in Kichijoji.

I carefully select and introduce my favorite spots from among many Tabearuki spots.

This time we will introduce the sweets in Kichijoji to the main.


-Hara doughnut

Hora Donut is a donut shop without using any preservatives.


Even from outside the store, it is fashionable anyhow. A pure white shop in Kichijoji is with a retro atmosphere.


Hara Donut: 120 yen


There was a park opposite, so we ate there on the bench. Texture of donut is rich moist texture. Because it is using soymilk and okara, so I am happy that it is low calorie compared to ordinary donuts! Girls nationwide! Even while on a diet you can eat without feeling guilty!

Store name: Hara Donut Kichijoji store

Address: 4-13-15 Kichijojimoto cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo Central apartment 101

TEL: 0422-22-0821

Opening hours: 10: 00-19: 00

No regular holiday




When entering the shopping area beside, there is a “circus” of a crepe shop. There are tremendously many types of crepes, and moreover it is cheap price, from 260 yen.



The one I like the best is a raw cream banana. Anyway, crepe dough is thick and rich. I have a strong chewy so I am full of stuff though it is sweet.



Since dough and fresh cream compatibility is perfect, even simple ingredients can be deliciously eaten. When eating, please share and eat.


Store name: Crepe House Circus

Address: 1-12-13 Kichijojimoto-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo Century Home Kichijoji Building 1F

TEL: 0422-21-4257

Opening Hours: 13: 30-20: 00

Closed: Tuesday

WEB SITE: https://r.gnavi.co.jp/gwex8ch20000/


-Pan no Tajima


Pan no Tajima+ Doutor opened in September of last year. In the case of eat-in, you can go to the coffee shop on the second floor and have freshly made coppepan while drinking coffee. There is a corridor when you go upstairs; there are a coffee shop, a toilet and a staff room. It is a retro nostalgic school atmosphere. The tearoom is a little narrow with 8 counters on the counter and 8 tables on the table, but you can eat “Coppepan” in a calm space.



There are two kinds of my sweet coppepans I like. The first one is Tsubu-an-margarine. One of the most popular menus I love everyone. Tsubu-an is modestly sweet and delicious. It is recommended to accompany Doutor’s “Tajima Blend” (250 yen) ordered together.




And the second one is raw chocolate cream chocolate chip. It is a luxurious coppépan that can enjoy two kinds of chocolate sandwiching bittersweet chocolate chip in raw chocolate cream.


Raw chocolate cream chocolate chip


Shop name: bread Tajima Kichijoji store

Opening Hours: 8: 00-20: 00

TEL: 0422-21-9415

Address: 1-1-5 Kichijojimoto cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo


-Bull Pulu



This summer, in front of the station, Tapioka drink specialty store “BULLPULU Kichijoji store” opened.

The store imports large grain black pearls from Taiwan and drinks using unusual black sugar tapioca, even domestically boiled over long periods. It is sweet and rich in mouthfeel.


Store name: BullPulu Kichijoji store

Address: 1-4-16 Kichijojimoto cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

White House Building 1F

Openind hours: 10: 00 ~ 21: 00



-Wood Belize Main Store


This shop is located in the south side of the park entrance.

Let’s refresh the mouth with Wood Belize, famous for raw frozen yoghurt. When entering the shop, it smells of yogurt. Here I choose the flavor by yourself and make frozen yogurt on the spot. That’s why it’s raw frozen yogurt.


Flavor such as coconut & lime, apple mango, flavors etc in Hokkaido are enriched. It takes time to choose.


I feel refresh, it is not sweet. I feel shy and feel good. Tasty yoghurt sour taste and fresh fruit adds, it is delicious. The taste is exceptional because it makes it in front of you.

Please be careful as it melts quickly when eating outside. (You can eat it even in the shop)


Store name: Wood Belize Main Store

Address: 1-4-1 Kichijoji Minami-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo Inokashira Building 1F

TEL: 0422-48-3315

Business hours: Weekdays 12: 00-19: 00 Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 11: 00-19: 00

No regular holiday






Take UNIQLO on your right, and continue on Middle Road. This is a street with lots of clothing stores, general merchandise stores, galleries, etc. Imported food from the world, imported goods, sweets, etc. is placed in the “carnival” which appears to the right as you go a little. Here is famous for Bukkake Bento, which puts the ingredients you like on rice, and ice cream, which is free topping. The lunch box is also famous and tasty, but the soft cream is also very delicious.

Choose the taste of the soft cream from “Vanilla” “Yogurt” “Mix” to determine the source. It is 250 yen in plain. Ice with pumpkin pudding and tiramisu under is 330 yen. The one I like most is Matcha tiramisu soft cream.


When we receive a soft-based cream from a clerk, we will do our own topping. Banana chips, caramel cookies, dried fruits and so on, as much as you want. It looks colorful and cute.



Zakuzaku topping is the best. As you advance your eating, cornflakes will emerge.


Store name: Carnival

Address: 2-10-12 Kichijojimoto cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 1F

TEL: 0422-22-3303

Opening hours: 10: 30 ~ 21: 30

No regular holiday



Amane taiyaki



It is a 2 minutes walk from Kichijoji station. There is a popular baked shop where people who know in Hamonica Yokocho located in front of the station know it. It was introduced in Ad City as well, and you can eat freshly baked baked goods. This is a baked wing with feathers (150 yen)! The skin is crisp and the bean paste uses Kokura from Hokkaido and it is elegant sweetness. The leather is also sweet with kindness, it tastes till the end, I really want to repeat! It is also a taste for a limited time. This shop is delicious besides baked goods too! Mitarashi dumpling (125 yen) was fresh and soft! Here is also recommended place.


Address: 1-12 Kichijojimoto cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

phone number:0422-22-3986

Opening hours:11: 00 ~

Closing: Sundays as soon as it is gone


Kichijoji is a treasure trove of gourmet. Just a short walk makes me feel a lot of delicious things. I’d like you to visit my favorite spot. The one introduced here is only a part. Why do not you all walk by your own feet and find your favorite spot?