My brother arts

I just want to introduce my little brothers arts so please look at my brothers pictures.

Quick Look at the contents and past

2. Painting works

3. How to draw the art and advice

4. Finally

No 1

 Now and in the past

In the past


It is very different now and it the past.

He said that practicing a lot is important.

When comparing the two, You can see that how to put shadows and how to take picture are completely different.

When I first saw , I thought sooooo amazing !!!

No 2

Painting works and introduce


It was difficult for him to draw shadow, and draw composition.

When he drew this art, he was very anxious, so he had to draw from a special angle.

But he is glad that result was good!!!

「Gatta Melata」

This art is charcoal drawing .

He learned a lot of charcoal drawing .

He think this picture was very well drawn, there was a response.


This art is oil.

He drew this about people and death.

He like bright and things, so he drew with that in mind.

I loooove skeleton !!!! by my bros.

「image art」

He watched the animation [koukakukidoutai(攻殻機動隊)]

He inspired by this anime.

He drew with the image of favorite character.

Image of Tatsuyuki Tanaka `s world view.


How to draw the art and advice

First , try to draw without thinking!!!

The important thing is to have fun!! So forget to draw well!!

Second , draw steadily!!

You will do your best because it doesn `t improve quickly.

Do not draw by imagination , look firmly and draw.

Third , if you think to express doubt , check a lot about the art!!

Learn technical things one by one.


Enjoy painting and do not accumulate stress .



I also want to practice drawing with this as an opportunity.

Thank you for seeing

And thank you my brother!!!!

references my brother