What Superman Did in His Childhood?

1.Keep away from video games.
2.Let your kids do many sports.
3.Let your kids do sports which they want to do!

Do you know the super baseball player who won The MLB rookie of the year 2018?

The name of the player who let announcer shouts “It’s gone!” 22times, and beat opponent team 4 times as a starter pitcher in his first season for MLB is… Shohei Ohtani.

He is the very Japanese MLB baseball player I want you to introduce.

Yeah I know there are many parents who hope to raise their children as professional sport player like MLB players.

 So, in this article, lets look back Shohei’s childhood and know secrets to raise your kids like him!

Keep away from video games.

I know, there are many kids who like to play video games.

 Me too!  The exhilarating feeling of shooting and beating the enemies is fantastic.

However, unfortunately, playing video games does not work to build up your kids’ healthy and strong body.  Please let your kids play outside and keep them as far as possible from video games.  

Let your kids do many sports

Shohei Ohtani had practiced not only baseball but also swimming. There are other Japanese professional sports player who did many sports in their childhood.

 For example, Kei Nishikori did soccer and swimming in his childhood. Children may learn how to move their body well naturally through many sports. And the things from other sports would have helped their body in their major sports.

 It is important that build well-balanced body through many sports or exercise.

In the reader of this page, people who can’t let their children to do many sports because of financial reasons. Such people should let their children to play outside and do sports which less payment to play like soccer, basketball, and so on.

Let your kids do sports which they want to do!

 In my opinion, this is the most important thing. Please let your kids to do what they want to play. In japan, there is the word “Sukikoso-Monono-Jozu-Nare”

 This word said “one’s greatness for something comes from the feeling of like the thing.”

Humans do what he /she likes and gets to do it well naturally. Please support what kids want to do! (Except for video games XD)

Pictures from My camera roll and フリー写真AC