Best café in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo


1.RusaRuka Jiyugaoka(RusaRuka自由が丘) café kkotbing

3.Pan to espresso to jiyuugata(パンとエスプレッソと自由形)

4.Nantoka presso(なんとかプレッソ)


6.Lucas baker Tokyo


RusaRuka Jiyuugaoka

“RusaRuka Jiyugaoka” is second café. The first is in Kokura city, Fukuoka.

Pancakes are free refills. You can eat pancake, which tastes a sponge cake and it looks like a pancake in a Japanese famous picture book, “Guri and Gura”.

select café kkotbing

This café is koreanish café from Korea and first café in Japan.

The signature dish is koreanish snow cone and tapioca. You can also have both lunch and dinner.


Pan to espresso to jiyuugata

“Pan to espresso to jiyuugata” is second store of “Pan to espresso to” in Omotesando.


Nantoka presso

“Nantoka presso” is sister store of “Pan to espresso to” and is located in same building with “Pan to espresso to Jiyuugata”.

It specializes in take out of espresso drink and breads.

The best menu is a bottle of coffee, which is extracted for a long time.


This café specializes in tapioca. The green drink is “Aojiru(vegetable) tapioca”.

Aojiru tapioca is uncommon drink, but popular one in this café.

The name of café has changed in November from “Senjuichi” to “Hachiyo”.

Lucas baker Tokyo

“Lucas baker Tokyo” is new café in Jiyugaoka and opened in September.

The breads are shaped cube.