Three way to enjoying J.league

Have you ever been to J.league stadium? If you haven’t you have to go to stadium.  This article introduce three way to enjoy J.league game.


1: Fans

2: Foods

3: Sightseeing with football


In J.league fans are called “supporters”. It is characteristic of the J.league supporter to support systematically. They located at behind home side goal, and shout all together guided by leader’s signal. They sometime do support called choreography or visual support. You can enjoy to see it. Supporters are not scary peoples, so you never feel in danger in stadiums. Many of J.league supporters wear team uniform.




There are many unique food stands around the stadium. You can enjoy various local foods in each stadium. A popular food stand often host a line of people waiting, so you have to take spare time before kickoff.  


Sightseeing with football

J.league game is held in many place in Japan, therefore you can go to stadium while your sightseeing. For example when you go to Kyoto and touring temple and shrine, after that you can enjoy night game. 


If you want to go to stadium you can buy tickets on this web site.