If you’re in “Kusatsu”, these beautiful spots and delicious sweets are a must!!!

Have you ever been to Kusatsu? There’s a lot of delicious sweets and hot springs there. If you go to there, you can make fantastic memories. I’ll introduce about my favorite spots and sweets. I hope this helps you.

1. Have you heard of “Yubakake” ?

2. What is “Yumomi”?

3. “Yubatake souan” is that my recommend hotel!!

4. These sweets were mouth-watering!!

5. Have you played a “shooting game”?

1. Have you heard of “Yubatake” ?

“Yubatake” is a “hot water field.” It is a facility to adjust the temperature of hot spring water and to harvest Yunohana “hot spring flower.” Yunohana is component of hot spring. The system of Yubatake is that water from the source flowing a part of the earth’s surface or wooden casks and to deposit or dry the hot water.

@草津温泉ポータルサイト:湯畑 https://www.kusatsu-onsen.ne.jp/onsen/

This photo is “Yubatake.” On the left picture, “Yubatake” where you can be seen in the daytime. On the right picture, “Yubatake” where you can be seen at night. It’s a very beautiful scenery!

2. What is “Yumomi”?

Do you know what “Yumomi” is. The hot spring of Kusatsu is very hot!!! So it is important to stir the hot water with a thick plank to cool down the hot water. It is “Yumomi”!!

@草津温泉 熱乃湯 https://www.kusatsu-onsen.ne.jp/netsunoyu/about/

This photo is “Yumomi and dance show”!! This is the show that Yumomi girls dance and sing “Kusatsubusi” and stir the hot water. “Kusatsubusi” is song of “Yumomi.” If you see this, you will be impressed. You can see it at Ksatsu-onsen netsunoyu. @access https://www.kusatsu-onsen.ne.jp/netsunoyu/access/  Also, you can experience “Yumomi” there!!! But this has a limit on the number of people!

3. “Yubatake souan” is that my recommend hotel!

If you go to Kusatsu and looking for nice hotel near “Yubatake”, I recommend “Yubatake souan”!!

@湯畑草庵 https://www.kusatsu-souan.co.jp/sp/

“Yubatake souan” has a beautiful exterior. Especially, my recommend points of this hotel are foot bath & cafe and room with private outdoor bath!!

On the left picture, foot bath & café. You can relax and soak your feet in foot bath and eating food or drinking!! The opening hours are between 10.00 AM and 9.30 PM. On the right picture, private outdoor bath in room.

@湯畑草庵 https://www.kusatsu-souan.co.jp/sp/room/

This is the room with private outdoor bath. The room is based “Japanese style modern” and nice atmosphere. If you staying the room, you can soak private outdoor bath whenever you want. I want you to stay in the room. You will have a good time. But the room is very popular, so you may want to make a reservation a while ago.

4. These sweets were mouth-watering!!

I’ll introduce my favorite foods which you can eat near “Yubatake.”

Do you like sesame sweets? This is sesame ice cream! It smells the roasted sesame. My friend doesn’t like sesame, but she said “This is delicious! I can eat this.” That’s how much it is good. You can eat this at “Gomahukudou.”

@草津温泉プリン https://www.kusatsuonsen-purin.com

This is a “Kusatsu-onsen pudding” specialty store. I have eaten a “Yumomi pudding” on the top right picture. It melts in my mouth! You can eat it at “Kusatsuonsen-purin.”

@草津温泉ポータルサイト:山びこ温泉まんじゅう https://www.kusatsu-onsen.ne.jp/category/detail/index.php?c=3&g=0&kcd=81

On the right picture is fried-buns. There are red bean pastes in that. It’s delicious!! You can eat it at “Yamabiko-onsen-manju.” It’s near “Yubatake souan.”

5. Have you played a “shooting game”?

@アソビュー:射的本舗まんだら堂 https://www.asoview.com/item/activity/pln3000011297/

You can experience of a shooting game at “Syateki-honpo-mandaradou.” It is near “Yubatake.” You hit the target and get points. And you can choose your favorite prize by total points. A shooting game is traditional game. If you play this game, you will have a great time!

If you came to Japan, I hope that you have a good trip. I’ll end Introduction of the charm of “Kusatsu.”  Thank you for reading this blog!