Let’s try to cook cafe-style dishes at home!


People who are interested in cafe dishes of course go to cafe or restaurant. However, I want to say to them we can cook them at home easily! Actually, many people share and post photos on the SNS. These dishes are very colorful and tasty looking. On this page, I will introduce cafe dishes what I cook and recommend. In addition, I want to tell people who don’t like or are not interested in cooking that cooking is fun and there are a lot of advantages.


1. What is “cafe-style dishes”?

2. How to cook yum and colorful dishes like cafe?

3. What are advantages of cooking?

4. ” Colorful dishes” is good for both your mind and health.

5. What I can learn and gain from cooking.

1. What is “cafe-style dishes”?

Do you know” cafe-style dishes”? It is cafe-style meal mainly about “one-plate meal”. By the way, “one-plate meal” is that there are foods from main dish to dessert on a plate. Recently, it becomes popular among all generations, and many people take photos to put this on the SNS.

However, there are some people who try to make it at home, too. So, you can also make a nice “one-plate meal” with only bread, salad and fruits! If you are interested in plate or other kitchen goods, it is also good to reproduce cafe-style meal.

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2. How to cook yum and colorful dishes like cafe?

According to my mom, she said “The thinking of Try to make people happy though yummy dishes will make dishes good!” The reason why I listened to my mom is that I always think my mom’s dishes are very good. I also think it is exactly! Without these thinking, we can’t cook really yummy dishes!

For my breakfast(fried egg’s toast)

Another point is searching menu. It is very common thing, but it is important. When I cooked without searching to save trouble, I have experiment to fail. Taste will change by just a little adjustment, so I recommend to search at first. About how to cook colorful dishes, I think it is simple. For example, using many kinds of foods and colorful foods is one of the trick. Salad is easy to do this! I think if there are red, green and yellow, it looks like colorful dishes.

For my lunch(banana pancakes)

3. What are advantages of cooking?

First, if you have a lot of opportunity to cook something, you can be skillful at not only cooking but also other things like study and work. This is because when you cook, it is necessary to have forethought and ability of planning ahead. Moreover, these skills will make sense in any place.

Second, you can cook what you want to eat, and you can also decide quantity of dishes. It is good for yourself and your wallet. Additionally, if you cook for your family, you can make them happy, too! They will praise and advise you what was good point or bad point. You may be pleasant or sometimes be disappointed with them, but you can improve both your cooking skill and yourself!

Third, you will esteem value of foods and dishes. When I was little, I couldn’t cook myself and I usually said “I don’t like it, so I want to leave it.” Maybe, I didn’t think about people who cooked for me. However, now I can cook myself and sometimes cook for my family, so I have sentimental value to these dishes what I cooked. I think it is a big change for me, since I have started cooking by myself.

4.” Colorful dishes” is good for both your mind and health.

 Do you always check what kinds of ingredients are used, when you buy packed lunch at supermarket or convenience store? Probably, most people don’t check it. However, when I cook myself, I can know about how much and what is included in its meal. Furthermore, if you can prepare “colorful dishes”, you may not lack necessary nutrition. You will come to take care about what you eat. It relates to your health.

By the way, what do you mean that “colorful dishes” is good for mind? I think appearance is really related to appetite, and at first, people recognize food from color and appearance! That’s why I said “colorful dishes” is good for mind, too.

5. What I can learn and gain from cooking.

At first, I cooked only for myself, but when I cooked for my family once, they were delighted! I was also happy to hear the word of “yummy” and see their smiling face. Thinking back now, I can be fun and please with doing something for someone not limited to cooking. From this, I can gain their smiling face and mind of serving.

(Spicy Soft Tofu Stew)

Second, as I said previous page, cooking needs ability of planning ahead. Condition of food will change with times and if you cook slowly, meal time will be late and you will keep person waiting. It is my actual experience. It is also good to think well-balanced menu. If you don’t cook for family or other people, you probably don’t have to take care about it very much. However, it is the thing that you cook for someone!


Cooking is a little difficult at first, but you will fun to cook someday like “What am I going to cook today?” or “What food or seasoning do I put together?”. Yes! Cooking is interesting!

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