Do you want to talk with Japanese people in English?

What is the purpose you came to Japan? Temple, forest, food, etc. But maybe you can get lost or want to hear before you get there. In addition you cannot speak Japanese. So , in this blog you will be talking about how to speak English easily to Japanese. Please read this blog and make traveling in Japanese better.

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1 How to speak English

2 Gestures

3 Facial expressions

How to speak English

First , I show you how to speak English for Japanese . The first thing you need to be aware of is the speed of speaking . Because Japanese are not used to the speed of speaking , please late more than usual . Secondly, the things that I want you to be conscious of is to tell the word clearly . Japanese are good at listening to words and learning the meaning of words. Please emphasize the part of the word and tell it. And if words do not convey, please choose as easy words as possible.


The next things I want you to do is gestures.
If you do not convey even if you convey the word clearly and slowly please try adding gestures. When easy-to-understand gestures are added, if you do not understanding the words, meaning will be transmitted somewhat. For example, if you show a car you should do the action of moving a handle and if you show me the way you want to go you should point direction. Even from us we are exited to have big gestures.

Facial expressions

Lastly, What I want you to do is to speak with the softest possible expression. If Japanese people are spoken with scary face or expressionless, they will not be tense or fearful. It may be frustrating without being totally transmitted, but we are trying hard to hear it so please look with warm eyes. If you communicate with Japanese warm and gently you would make Japanese friends and enjoy traveling in Japan.