Football Society

I want to play the hot games of my school days again. For people like that, Societies are easy to try.

1. What is Society?

2. The difference between footbal l and Society.

3.Why is Society so easy?

4. f-channel

5. My experience

1. What is Society?

There are many sports to kick the ball. Most famous is soccer with 11 people. There are also futsal and beach soccer. Put simply, Society is soccer with 7 people. It’s a 7 people soccer team that originated in Brazil around 1950.

2. The difference between football and Society.

There are a lot of things that different about soccer and Society. I have put together a table.

There are many other detailed.

3. Why is Society so easy?

First of all, Society is a 7 player team, so you don’t need to recruit a lot of people. Next, there is an easy website to sign up for. I’ll get to the website later. In addition, it held at various times across the prefecture in Japan.


This is the official website.

This makes it easy for you to join in. You can decide on a place, date, time, discipline, and even a level.

Everyone can have fun by choosing these categories.

5. My experience

I have played Society Three times.

  • With my college club that is ares. We won the KANTO Cup right.
  • With old-timer, they are teammate when I was a junior high school student. We got winner.
  • With my friend since junior high school. Half amateur and half experienced. It was a lot of fun, but result was bottom. The opponent was very strong.

Sometimes it’s so much fun to play sports with old friends.

Everyone can enjoy!

This is one of the best things about societies and sports.