A city in Yokosuka like America!

Yokosuka has an American base and many Americans. And Perry came and is known as the opening place of Japan. Be not only modern but historically related to the United States. Because of that Yokosuka City has a place you can use dollars in some areas. There are other interesting things like Yokosuka food and Tourist Spot. I would like to introduce them to you.

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1 Yokosuka’s food

2 Yokosuka Tourist Spot

1 Yokosuka’s food

  • Navy curry

The most famous food in Yokosuka City is navy curry. Navy curry differs from ordinary curry in ingredients. Navy curry is made of curry powder and flour and cow fat. It was beriberi that used to be the biggest cause of the number of deaths in the navy. We thought it was due to a diet with a balanced diet and tried to improve the food supply by referring to the British Navy’s military diet. That’s navy curry !The MSDF still has a habit of eating curry and rice every Friday. I recommend it because there are many restaurants in Yokosuka City where you can eat navy curry

  • Yokosuka Navy Burger

A hamburger eaten in the US Navy. Burger recipe was provided as a symbol of friendship between Yokosuka base and Yokosuka city , and based on that ,Yokosuka Navy Burger developed by Yokosuka. Yokosuka Navy Burger is very big and tastes really good with the original taste of beef. The basic toppings are lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese. Put white sesame on top of the buns. The customer adds ketchup or mustard to their taste. The taste of Yokosuka navy burger varies from shop to shop. So you can compare it with each other.

2 Yokosuka Tourist Spot

  • Verny park

Verny park is a very large and beautiful park. It‘s famous for seeing Aegis and submarines. There are only 7 Aegis ships in japan and only 22 submarines. You can see a lot of in Verny park. Aegis ships illuminated and fireworks are set off at the beginning of the year.

It is very pleasant to take a walk in the daytime with beautiful flowers and to run at night looking at beautiful night scenery. In addition shopping malls are nearby so you can enjoy shopping and eating.

・Kurihama Flower Country

It’s a very beautiful place with 1 million poppies in spring and 1 million cosmos in autumn. You can see flowers in all seasons such as herbal garden and tubaki garden. There’s a steam locomotive type bus in the spacious park, so it’s convenient to move around. Other than that, you can enjoy BBQ with a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay and take a footbath for free.

There’s Godzilla in the Kurihama Flower Country! There’s an Adventure land at an altitude of 100m, and there’s a Godzilla that’s 9 meters tall and weighs 5 tons. The reason Godzilla was made is because it was made from the famous landfall in Yokosuka City. Godzilla was created to commemorate it. I hope you will come to Yokosuka and see it.

As you can see, there are a lot of sights and foods in Yokosuka City, so please come here once.