King of junk food, McDonald

Have you ever thought that you’d like to eat something affordable price when you’re out?

Especially the students will be looking for a good taste and satisfying meal at an affordable price.

Those that meet this requirement are called fast food.

McDonald is the representative shop of it.

This time, I will introduce the menu that I recommend as a clerk.

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1. What is McDonald?#a1

2. Recommended grand menu.#a2

3. Recommended seasonal limited menu.#a3

4. Cheat menu.#a4


What is McDonald?

The first McDonald’s was started in San Bernardino, California, the United States, in 1940. The catchphrase of “speed service system,” factory-style hamburger production, and self-service systems made it especially famous after World War II. Today it is no exaggeration to say that McDonald is the most popular first food.

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2. Recommended grand menu.

 I’ll tell you recommended grand menu.

The first one is chicken crisp.

You can eat this product at an affordable price of 110 yen each. The popularity of students is enormous.

The second one is the shrimp burger has increased its crispness since it was renewed.

This product has a crisp texture of shrimp. It is very popular with women.

The third one is “Makupo.”This hamburger has a spicy but addictive taste with ginger sauce.

This is also reasonably priced at 200 yen each.

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3. Recommended seasonal limited menu.

I recommended seasonal limited menu.

The first one is “mentai tatsuta”.

This product is chicken tangta with pollack roe sauce.The sweetness and saltyness are just right.

The second is the samurai Mac. This item is a luxury with two fleshy pieces of meat.

Both the volume and the azale volumes are perfect.

The third item is Gurakolo, which is sold every year throughout the season.

The hot gratin croquettes are delicious. It’s also popular with women.”

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4. Cheat menu.

McDonald’s has a trick that you don’t know. I’ll introduce something you want to use the next time you go to McDonald’s.

First, you can just fry the potatoes. Some of you may know this. The method is simple, and when ordering, they say, “Freshly fried potatoes.”

The second one is a drink without ice. You can do it if you ask a clerk when you place an order. “Orange juice and vegetable juice were originally cold, so I recommend removing ice.”

The third one is the increase in the amount of ingredients. I can add more sauce, lettuce, onion and pickles except for meat and tomatoes.

The fourth is to convert the Bic Mac into wrapping paper. It’s a big Mac that’s often ordered by men, but I think it’s hard to eat. In that case, they wrap it up just like any other burger.

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This time I introduced recommended menu and cheat menu from the perspective of a clerk.

Products of McDonald are affordable price and delicious, but think about nutrients and be careful not to eat too much.

Also, we have launched a new menu this month.

Please try it!