4 best cafes in Tokyo.

Tokyo has a lot of cafes. So, you can easily to find a café. At the same time, you will be get lost where to use. If you get lost where to use, please refer to use this blog.

1. café Negura

2. Freddy Leck sein Waschsalone Tokyo

3. Dear All

4. Little Toy Box

1. café Negura

Address:2-26-13 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo

Open: 12:00~20:00

Closed: Irregular holidays

This is famous for its colorful cream soda. It is so many kinds that I can’t choose. All of them are shining like a jewel and are very delicious. For example, the classic melon soda, a Muscat soda and white peach soda. It is affordable prices. There are so many kinds of soda that you can’t find anywhere else, so it will be fun to choose. I think it’s good to share with friends.

The inside of the store is decorated with beautiful lighting, creating a retro atmosphere. The table is a little different depending on the seat you sit down, so it’s fun when you go.

2. Freddy Leck sein Waschsalone Tokyo

 Address:1-3-13 Chuoucho, Meguro, Tokyo

 Open: 9:00~21:00

Closed: open all year round

 This place where a coin laundry and a café are integrated. This is a rare place in Tokyo. Waste of the time the café while doing laundry at this place. Of cause, you can also use it only the café.

Like this photo, you can take stylish photo at the coin laundry. However, you need to be careful not to get in the way of those who use the coin laundry. There was used for the Nogizaka46 music video. The clerk’s attitude is very good and you can fully enjoy it.

3. Dear All

Address:1-59-5 Sasazuka, Shibuya, Tokyo

Open: 8:00~20:00(Saturday, 9:00~20:00 Sunday, 9:00~19:00)

Closed: Monday

The clerk at this café is handsome. The coffee scent is good in the store, and there are many customers who come alone.

The café recommended here is a glass cake that changes depending on the season. The fruits of the season are used and it is very delicious. However, it is limited in quantity, so it depends on your luck whether you can eat it.

4. Little Toy Box

Address:2-16-5 Komaba, Meguro, Tokyo

Open: Monday, Tuesday, Friday,11:00~16:00 Saturday, Sunday,10:00~17:00

Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday

This place just opened in September last year. In the store based on white and decorating seasonal flowers. This is a like Korean café.

Not only the fashionable interior, but the sweets are also delicious. It’s just been done recently, but it’s becoming more popular. There may be time to wait.