Have a nice day in Kichijoji!!!

Kichijoji was said to have been ranked 1st place to live and is still in the top rank now.I’ve been living around Kichijoji for about 20 years. I’m a self-appointed café master. I don’t really want to tell you this, but today I would like to introduce you to the top 5 cafes. If you have time, please walk around Kichijoji!!

1. No.5 “Ryumon coffee stand”

2. No,4 “cafe Lumiere”

3. No,3 “Altbau”

4. No,2 “Shippo”

5. No.1 “Hitokusakatatiseisakujo”

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1. No.5 “Ryumon coffee stand”

It is located along the Suehiro shopping street and about 7 minutes from Kichijoji station. It is cozy place to talk and eat something with your friends.

There are some sweets such as cheesecake, pound cake, brownie and toast. There is also a various kind of drinks. If you choose a drink according to the food, there are multiple ways to enjoy the taste. As you can see in the photo above, it’s also fun to take photos with your friends in a photogenic mirror.

2. No.4 “cafe Lumiere”

It is located in front of Kichijoji station. When I went to there, it was so crowded. If you go to there in holiday, you have to reserve!

The picture on the left is “yakigori” that I ate someday. This is wrapped in meringue so when it is branded and fired, it looks like the ice is burning!! This looks so big but it is easy to eat because it mixes sweetness and bitterness. In this cafe, there is a lot of shaved ice. Some of them are seasonal, so you can discover new taste every time!

3.No.3 “Altbau”

It is located along the underpass of the train. It takes 2 minutes to walk from Kichijoji station. A feature of this cafe is that you can take your dog with you! You can relax on the sofa because the atmosphere is so good.

You can enjoy both lunch and cafe. If you have a birthday friend, this cafe specially makes such a birthday plate! It is good for a surprise and I’m sure your friend will be happy!

4. No.2 “Shippo”

I’ll tell you about “Shippo”. It is located in a residential street a little away from Kichijoji station. This cafe not only serving lunch and sweets but also selling some goods. I think that it is good to see them before and after meals. I often see the people line up before it opens.

There is daily lunch menu! The main side dish includes rice, miso soup and several small bowls. You can choose from two main types that change daily. It is good to have a lunch with your friend. There are sweets menu and everything looks so delicious so I always couldn’t decide what to order. At such time, I would order the sweets plate luxuriously!

5. No,1 “Hitokusakatachiseisakujo

This is about 7 minutes from Kichijoji station. It’s like a secret hideaway on residential street. In this cafe, you can enjoy eating cakes, tea and coffee with a good aroma of flowers. Also, if you find the favorite flower, you can buy that after having tea time

I especially recommend you cheesecake. The picture on the left is roasted green tea cheesecake and on the right is chocolate cheesecake. The menu changes depending on season but each is rich cheesecake. I’ve never eaten such a delicious cheesecake!! Whether you like cheesecake or not, you should try to eat this!