Here’s the list of 5 beauty products specialized in skincare!

@cosme is one of Asia’s largest beauty information websites 

I highly recommend all of these products and actually, these products are ranked in the top 10 most popular products in the @cosme ranking.

I think its information is really reliable

1.Washable Cold Cream (CHIFURE) 
2.Bioré Ouchi de Aesthe massage facial washing gel
3.Curél Intensive Moisture Cream 
4.MELANO CC Spot Corrector Concentrate
5.MINON Amino Moist facial mask
6.The 5 most popular drugstores in Japan

Washable Cold Cream (CHIFURE)

It’s a cleansing cream that can also serve as a massage cream. It can make your skin super smooth. 

🙂 Clean pores! Clear skin!

🙁 You need to wash your face twice. It takes quite a lot of time to cleanse.

Bioré Ouchi de Aesthe massage facial washing gel 

It’s a face wash gel that can make your skin super smooth and moisturize your skin.

🙂 This gel feel so good on your skin & it can clean out the pores

🙁 It doesn’t lather

Curél Intensive Moisture Cream

It’s a facial cream that can moisturize your skin perfectly. I recommend using this at the end of your skincare.

🙂 good for sensitive skin

🙁 N/A

MELANO CC Spot Corrector Concentrate

It’s a concentrate for spots and freckles but it can also help you get rid of your pimples.

🙂 healing effects of the pimples

🙁 It make your skin a little bit dry

MINON Amino Moist facial mask

It’s a facial mask that can super moisturize your skin. The mask is so thin and fits your face perfectly. 

🙂 good for sensitive skin

🙁 the mask is too thin

The 5 most popular drugstores in Japan 


•there are more than 1000 stores all around Japan 

•foreign customers are welcome 

2.Cocokara Fine

•there are 1300 stores all around Japan

•tidy and clean shops

3.OS Drug

•small shops but sell cheaper than others 

4.Matsumoto Kiyoshi 

•foreign customers welcome 

•there are about 750 stores all around Japan 


•there are about 1500 stores all around Japan 

•many of the stores are spacious