Do you know ABURASOBA?

1:Title:  Do you know ABURASOBA?

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Do you like Rame? I like it. Because my hometown has many ramen shop.It is present ina variety of types. Miso, soy sauce, tukemen, tonkotu, and so on. One of them is Aburasoba.

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When you think of ramen, many people thik of noodles and soup. Soup is essensial for ramen. But there is no soup in the Aburasoba I will explain.


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  1. what is Aburasoba?

2. How is the taste?

3. one’s opinion.

4. let’s try some Aburasoba.

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1. what is Aburasoba?

Aburasoba are considered a type of ramen without soup. It is one of the traditional noodle cultures of Tokyo. The noodles are mainly eaten with soy sauce and oil inth bottom and it mixed.


2. How is the taste?

As I explained, the ingredients and oil are the main taste. Ingredient is pork and green onion , dried bonito. The most important thing is this dried bonito. Noodles are thick and often intertwine with oil and dried bonito.


Heading 3’s opinion.

I like sea food ramen . So I like th taste of bonito People who don’t likened me to eating pencil shavings. And I understand how you feel.

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4. let’s try some Aburasoba

What I have said so far is about my local ramen shop. People who read this will have trouble eating it. But ther’s something that anyone can eat.theyare sold at convibience stores. It’s another store’s Aburasoba it’s very delicious.