Pitfall of college students

Have you ever done gamble on slot, horse race and boat race?

Gambling is never a bad thing, but some collage students who have some time to spare to work part-time job and have enough money are too much interested in gambling. Then, I will introduce you why do they get so addicted.

1   What is your impression of gambling?

2  College student start gambling

3   Beginner’s Rack exists??

4   The situation of college students who are getting caught in a marsh

5   The end of the end

6   Conclusion

1  What is your impression of gambling?

What is your impression of gambling?

If you are not into gabling, you will have a bad impression of gamble.

For example, you think pachinko parlors don’t have good air and the smell of cigarettes is tight.

However, Japanese law requires that we are prohibited to smoke a cigarette while playing pachinko and slot, expect that we smoke electronic cigarette.

Therefore, it is no longer an atmosphere where you can’t stay there because you don’t smell cigarettes like they used to.

2 College student start gambling

If you think about the biggest difference between high school and college students, the most important thing is that you can do anything without restrictions.

When you were in high school, there were many things you couldn’t do anything because you had to take a class at a scheduled time and didn’t exceed 20 years old. However, when you become a college student, you will be able to decide the timetable yourself, and you will be able to reserve a lot of time to spend on part-time job. In other words, you have more time to spend for yourself. Therefore, if you have friends who do gambling around you, you will often be invited to gambling.

Your friends told you to go once because it is absolutely profitable.

If collage students are invited to go gambling, they will start going because they want to try it about once and they have enough money.

3 Beginner’s Rack exists??

Have you ever heard of the word ‘beginner’s rack’? The meaning of this word ‘beginner’s rack’ is the good fortune that beginners have, and it means that they will win on the first gamble they did.

I think the big trap of gambling is this beginner’s rack.

If you are invited by your friends to go to a pachinko parlor even though you weren’t particularly interested, you didn’t know well, but you won gambling easy and you get money. This is what happens.

In fact, I also had the experience of wining the gambling and get money when my friends took me a pachinko parlor.

This is mysterious phenomenon that has made you believe that you are the owner of good luck and you are gradually interested in gambling. In a word, this becomes the first step to the marsh.

4   The situation of college students who are getting caught in a marsh

Once you know that you’re going to play and get money, you’ll want to gambling again. Therefore, you will go to play again soon. In fact, gambling is not so easy, of course there are times when you can win, but in most other case you will lose a lot of money.

Even so, if you win occasionally, you will forget what you lost a lot of money and only win will remain in your head. That’s why you go many times.

Do you have any friends around you who have been absent from class and go gabling since the morning?

Eventually you will be absent from class like such a friend.

5  The end of the end

If you couldn’t find your way out, for example, on a day when it is called an event day such as the day with 7, you will always go side by side from the morning.

You have had money in the beginning, but you keep going many times, and you get to borrow money from your friends. Then you will gradually create a debt.

Gambling is very interesting because it makes you feel excited that it hits or doesn’t hit, but don’t overdo it.

6   Conclusion

When you become a college student, you will have more money and time to do what you like, but if you got hooked in gambling, you will spend more and more money, gradually you will borrow money and be absent from school. So instead of thinking about going because it is an event day, when you have enough money, you should go gambling.

Don’t overdo it.



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